Post alpha feels

I really really enjoyed the game so far. It was very cool to recognize so many people from the forums and discord right away- we already have an awesome little community.

I wanted to mention some of the things I personally enjoyed from the beta -

Little hidden things like the extra portals, and the tongue monster. Super cool to learn about something through word of mouth then go off to experience it yourself.

The Elongata experience- it was super satisfying and fun to do this as a large group and succeed in bringing it down. The mechanics were a nice touch and it is great to get a preview of what is possible in VR.

I actually liked not having a map telling me where everything was and spending time exploring. (This is probably a negative for some people, but I enjoyed thoroughly checking everything out and making a mental map of the world)

I did notice that after a lot of time casting spells things got a lot more reliable through my own casting improvement. The system being seemingly unreliable at first might not be a bad thing depending on your mind set. Maybe it shouldn’t be a super cookie cutter thing like pressing a button on a keyboard, and we can all enjoy a bit of a learning curve.

Pvp arena was a pretty darn cool idea and I’m super excited to see how it evolves!

Being tired as hell from playing haha. Come Saturday morning when a small group of us went to Elongata, I held my arms up and really felt it. Shooting arrows for hours on end the days before left my arms tired and that is cool as hell.

I read the blog post while typing this up on my phone and thank god the next test is on a Friday with the shortened play time. (More dev time means we get closer to dragon pets! Keeping my eye on the real prize :stuck_out_tongue:)