Potion Brewing Bug - Sticky Queens Ear

I have found that when creating a healing potion, after putting the first queens ear in, i then pick up 1 roto spore(in my right hand) and 1 queens ear (in my left hand) and hold them while waiting for the liquid to turn yellow. I toss the roto spore in no problem, but then when i try to put the queens ear in it wont drop from my hand it just sorta gets stuck and hangs there floating in my hand, which then leads to me having to dip my entire hand into the cauldron (definitely with some long term damage to the hand :wink:

The potion is still able to be created just fine, I just dont remember having the sticky queens ear problem in that phase during any of the previous beta tests

I also have this problem. Had it in beta as well. I just pick up one at a time now. Lol

I just always put my hand in the pot to prevent becoming annoyed :slight_smile:. This bug in in the game from the start and I am guessing this will be a very low priority to fix. The pot is cold anyway (because no heater anywhere). So hand dipping it is!

Weird bad stuff also happens if you try to switch hands, like you “holding” the ingredient out several feet in front of your hand.

I reported this bout a month ago too :smiley: pretty annoying, but doesn’t break anything at least :stuck_out_tongue:

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