Potion making: up the fire power


Fire speed regulator

No change to the mecanics or base speed, just a option to up the speed that the caldron changes color. Its such a long dull wait for experienced potionmakers.


I really, really hope we get this changed for reborn!


Had exactly the same thought on this. Signed


I’m not that experienced of a potion maker, but I tend to get bored when making potions due to the wait. I even mess up a fifth or so of the potions because I get distracted with something else while waiting.


It is ok when doing green-turquoise-blue or something like that, actually if I had to put 6 things in it for the 10x it cann’t go much faster. The painful colors for me are yellow and red, especially the last step when waiting for the red oh my yaaawn and yes I messed up too occasionally due to concentration shifting and there goes like 5k dram worth of fishies :frowning:

Other than that for fishing potions I watch youtube on my Oculus dash, I couldn’t make many in a row else, these are truly boring and I could do them at a much faster pace so an option for that would be great.

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