Potion of Ithecac questions


So does the Ithecac potion even do anything atm? I keep seeing information that it does, but I have literally scoured every zone and never found or seen anything.

Maybe Spoiler?


Other than the lavamore archer guys which seem to just exist with no seeming purpose.

I am running on an Oculus Quest So I don’t know if the effect(s) described even show On this version of the game.

I’ve read a lot of information on what I should be expecting to see but sadly with any game revamp a lot of it’s pretty old and mostly pre-reborn update.


There are a couple - real few, I only remember 2-3 items - quests where you need to have that potion on to see the quest items, but it likely will indicate in your quest log.
And then there is one salvaging mission where you only have to drink them in lamavora, but for no purpose really as far as I saw nothing changes but colors.

Recipes also do no longer require Ithecac potions like in the old game, and I don’t think anything else does, even the hidden quest can be done without them (which is a good thing because it makes me dizzy… wished we had a way to cancel that effect to do the salvaging quests more easily).


Its a potion for a mission(s) in the story i believe. Doesn’t serve a real purpose outside of that if i am not mistaken.


Unless it’s broken, there is 1 secret reason for them as well that does not involve regular gameplay. Good luck!

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