Potions going straight from un-aged to ruined (not sure where to put this)

So I was aging a ton of potions and after a week they weren’t aged (time was supposed to be a week). Finally a few of them aged but they weren’t aged. They went straight from un-aged to ruined. They weren’t aged before, I checked multiple times a day and nothing. Is this supposed to happen?


happened to me also i just leave the house and go back and its ready

I have seen this, it co-insided with the mount speed increase bomb that was active recently. The potion was not aged in the morning but in the afternoon about 4 hours later it was overaged. Don’t know if it’s related or just a coincidence.

Your potions can also show up as unaged when they should be aged. This is a bug, and if you remove them and put them back in, they will reboot the entire aging process. I did this with a stack of 25 potions I waited an entire week for and fortunately Rickness was a bro and traded me the aged version for my unaged. The “solution” is to walk out/back in…

Aging needs to be fixed it’s really annoying and probably super confusing for more independent players.

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Oh my god I took them all down I’m gonna cry
Like cry real bad

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