Pressing Trigger on wand hand fires spell (and begins drawing)


Just to remove an unnecessary layer of button pushing.

Currently you trigger(draw)->press A(submit spell)->press A(send spell flying)->trigger(draw next spell, loop).

I’m suggesting trigger(draw)->press A(submit spell)->trigger(draw next spell, loop).

Where you can still also submit your spell by pressing A (or use trigger to start ur next spell).

It’s not huge, we are talking about miliseconds, but it would remove some hand-cramps by jamming the a-button twice every spell cast.


It is not unnecessary because some of us need to hold the spell to time the casting. aka fireball 3 in PvP, waiting for shields to come off enemies to time reapplication of afflictions, preloading a spell before pulling a boss etc.

However, I did rebind me keybindings with my knuckles controller so I do not have to press it twice and instead to hold my spell I now just touch the a button (as it can sense if it has been touched vs pressed). touch = 1 click and press = 2 clicks basically.


This still leaves the ability to hold a spell as well. It is unnecessary, in the case that you want to instant-cast. It is not unnecessary when you want to hold the spell. Anyone pressing the trigger button again is displaying their intent to cast again.