Preview: Tinkerer profession, coming November 5th!

Hey folks, today we posted an in-depth blog article showing how the Tinkering will work, as well as what you’ll be able to make on the initial launch. We also talk a bit about the initial launch of the House Customization, which will be coming November 19th.

Check it out:


" Note: We are also updating the Achievement list with the Player House Customization content update, to display which achievements have trophies and titles associated with them."

Headsup on that if any Legacy achievements are also included in this, they are broken. You don’t get a flag for 99% of those achiements. (at-least I do. I know others have other bugs)

Any news on progress bars? Maybe with this update?

Also my achievements still show 204/198, Legacy is showing 0 so I guess they are added into the count for the main ones?

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No there are no legacy achievements that will unlock any trophies or blueprints. What we currently have planned is to add a way to see if the achievement has a trophy or title associated with it. We wanted players to be able to easily see and decide which ones they wanted to go after based off if it has a trophy or title or not. I know there is still some bugs with the achievement list that we are tracking like the one below Rickness posted, and we will be looking into these in a future update.

We are working towards adding in the progress bars to the achievements but can’t confirm they will be in this update yet, they might go out in a future update, but I will let the community know once I know for sure.


This is good to know, thanks!

With the houses getting updates and being able to decorate them, we will be able to bring our party into our house to show it off and hang out in our own personal space?


Will other players be able to come see your home?

Will we be able to hang a few capes on the wall? I have tons of unused capes that would look great up on the wall.


I would have liked to see a bit of complexity in the tinkerer profession. It doesn’t seem to be the case on first sight. With having obvious outlines where items need to be placed idk how to think about the potential fun of this activity. (Just my initial thought about this.)

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That will likely not be possible at launch, however this is the initial release of the feature, and we’ll be looking at how to improve on that initial setup in the future.

While the ones we showed as previews are very simple, the more 3D ones do not show the internal outlines and it depends how the object is cut - we are looking at having much more difficult puzzles and we already will have at least one at launch that could be considered pretty hard to do.

We’d like to hear if people find that one in particular more fun, or if it’s more on the frustrating side of things. We’re definitely open to having more challenging ones if that’s what people are interested in playing with.


once u do it once tho doesnt it just become repetative?

Are there any plans to make any of the tinkerer furniture useful and have some purpose?


Will there be the ability to move the house around so if you wanted the alchemy table where you currently make lures could you switch them???


Not at the moment, as those types of stations are much more complicated than other objects.

We’re open to suggestions, what sort of interactions or objects do you have in mind?

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What about some of these? Some of these ideas have been previously suggested by others. I tried to stick with things that could be less difficult to code (though I’m not an expert in that at all!)

  • Mirror (the wardrobe only shows the equipment, and the login screen doesn’t let you see your back)
  • Utensils/plates/etc. that can be thrown around the room - like the stuff on the table in old Orbus (could even make this stuff interact with weapons projectiles, just for fun)
  • Whirligig thing that can be used for moving target practice
  • Projectile shooter to practice dodging or catching things
  • Something to preview dyes before they’re applied
  • Armor stands
  • Lighting that can be turned on/off or even the color changed

More involved things:

  • Mini games like solitaire or checkers (obviously some would require people to be able to enter others’ houses)
  • Mail center for sending messages/packages to friends in-game
  • Remote control flying toy

Not really an object, but being able to change the color of the walls/floors/furniture would be fun too.


Oh man, Crokinole and Carrom in Orbus would be amazing

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Some sort of self buff might make people more interested in using their player house.

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Are you saying like a “Well rested” buff that does something beneficial for you in game like “experience gain” that’s really the only buff I can think of that would and should come from the player house