Priest and Warlock/Necromancer ideas/rambling after work



I really like the mage and i would very much like to have more spelcasters for different situations.

I´ve heard people say that they would like more classes that draw spells but i believe the majority and myself for that matter want each individual class to be unique.

I also want the classes to make sense and i´m gonna try be as sensible as i can even though i know that my ideas might be silly to many.
So if i say or suggest something that doesn´t make any sense then correct me please.

So here`s how it makes sense: From the beginning there were those who only saw paganism as unholy sorcery and they were half-right, they draw their power from the runes and the runes doesn´t choose sides.
After many years of oppression for the runemages some of them got divided.

There were mages who sought to the light in order to become priests who healed the wounded, these priests became respected for their honest work.

Then there were a cult of mages who sought nothing but death for those who oppresed them and drew there power from blood, death and hatred, these became known as the warlocks.

Some joined either the dark or the light, some were still proud pagans. And then there were few who just wanted to gather all knowledge there was.

How it works: When a mage hit a certain level or doing a quest or 2 they unlock either one or both of these.

How priests works: With a book in one hand you can flip pages in order to manage light/mana and with your empty hand you can either heal, smite or buff or even resurrect one player but resurrection will have a higher cooldown. If you can manage your light/mana while getting of healing you will gain a power up, the power up is lost if you decide to do a super ability. There are 2 super abilities that can only be used while having a power up, mass ress or superultra-damage-buff.

heal: gently waving while holding trigger
smite: target and click A.
buff: wave at target and release trigger (as if you throw).
Ress: holding trigger and hold hand low and when the control vibrate hold high and release trigger.

Mass-ress: throw the book into the ground.
Super-omega-damage-buff: hold the book over your head and the the other hand on your chest.

Final priest thoughts: I understand that this sound to complicated, that´s not my plan, what i most want is to make it important to do the right choice for the right moment but to do the actual gameplay over that more forgiving.

How warlocks works: They have a relic as weapon but have it only in their belt, leaving their hands empty. they can draw life, corrupt, bloodblast and deflect.

Draw life: aim hand at target and grab their life force and take it for yourself.
Corrup: click A to corrupt target with a dot, slowly draing their life force, you can use 4 of these at the same time always.
Bloodblast: do as if throwing for a spell called bloodblast to open a wound which does more damage the more damage the target has already taken.
Deflect: hold as protecting yourself to deflect anything coming your way.

Also, warlocks do more damage the more corpses that are around them,
And i´m open to the idea that they could use both hands at the same time for same and different spell at different directions for more skilled players.

Final thoughts on Warlock: i want them to be able to deal damage in a sadistic way and be reliable but still hard to master.

Thoughts on armor: both should be light armor but of course i don´t want mages, warlocks and priests to have the same look to the armor. Warlocks should have skulls and dirt while priests look like noble and religious.

Thoughts on myself after writing this: I just got home from work and thought about this, if anyone decided to read through my rambling and ridicolous ideas then i thank you.