Problem downloading files with the lanucher

Downloaded the new lancher .zip and starting OrbusVR_Launcher in administrator.
it stops at 24/114
(Checking files for latest version… vrclient_Data/resources.assets – Downloading: 24%)
and does not continue, afther 5 minutes-ish it shows this ERROR.

“ERROR: Unable to download correct file after multiple attempts. Couldn’t update to v1.76: Error: read ECONNRESET”

Tried re-downloading the zip. / restaring the computer and checking earlier posts about the problem.
nothing works…
please send help!

Hey Roar,

Try downloading this file:!t2QCQAKS!tanR5fpiQqt9kXSDRB2xlRRYG_efvvetRKA4xyq0BKw

It’s the launcher with the latest patch already pre-installed to it. Just extract that folder and run the launcher in there.

WOHO! all hail our lord and savior Riley! it works :smiley:
Thanks you so much :smiley:

For the new patch, the link is now:!QrJnDJbB!rG1ONWRl1yEN_u_b9LbQGVng5Yj9rzZI0tlMF3yxOVc