Profession Levels / Leader Board

Hey everyone I am not to sure if anyone has already suggested something like this but I would absolutely love to have Leader Board rankings for professions such as Fishing!

I will be spending most of my time in OrbusVR fishing so I would really like to have a way to show people my efforts.

I sort of think a system like Black Desert Online would be nice, as you fish you gain experience in said profession and you level up through different tiers for example, Beginner - Apprentice - Skilled - Master.

Think it gives people more of a reason to do said professions and show off a little!!

Sorry for bad formatting but on mobile haha, thanks for reading!


I personally would love it if people know you by reputation (by word of mouth or by leaderboard), but I wonder how realistic a place is that holds all the statistics of everyone. Maybe you could implement a guild leader of one profession that will brag about some of the top players in a conversation, or anything that would make this more realistic.

It would be interesting to have but one concern is that it would advertise who bandits should target. Just because you’re a level 100 crafter/gather/etc. doesn’t mean you can fight off other classes.

Leaderboards would be a pretty cool idea. One way I can think of to (sort of, for fishing at least) implement this without breaking the immersion would be a weekly/monthly fishing tournament. As you fish throughout the given time you turn your fish in to various NPCs (they could all be judges for the same contest or maybe they are each holding their own contest looking for specific fish) and receive points based on size, rarity, etc. for each fish. At the end of the tournament trophies are given out and players receive all of their fish back. The trophies can then be placed inside a player’s home to show off.

Of course, a similar competition could be hosted by a player-run fishing fellowship and the winners could have their names displayed publicly somehow. The only drawback here is that you wouldn’t receive a trophy… probably.

It would be cooler if you would have to spend like 300-400 hours to become a master of a proffesion instead of everyone being kind of like a jack of all trades.

Like riley said, he wanted people to have to interact with one and another to be able to get something they cant. If everyone could easily fight of any class then there wouldnt be much point to put much effort into becoming a master.

If you cant fend yourself off then hire bodyguards.

One thing to keep in mind that differentiates the Orbus profession system from that of typical MMOs is that your physical skill and the amount of practice that you put into a profession will play a very big role in determining your “skill” level. Where lots of other games implement this by defining your skill (apprentice, journeyman, master, etc.) and limiting what you are able to do at your current level, Orbus may simply require that you put in the time to discover where certain materials are located, be able to complete the task necessary to gather them, and discover a useful way to use the item once it has been retrieved.

I would much rather see a system where people who spend a lot of time learning everything they can about their profession are recognized as the “masters” because they can obtain resources and craft items of higher quality because of their dedication than one where you’re a master simply because the game defines you as such.


I agree with this concept, this being said there needs to be some sort of levelling progression as you go through the game and practise. Otherwise you could simply look up online how a master does something and copy them exactly.

Ideally I would like to see a combination of the 2, crafting or casting spells or fishing or whatever else gets easier with level, but if a master was to go on to a level 1 account they should be able to compete with people a number of levels higher.


@Damage_Da_Mage @JamesIAm
Amen to that. A system where both dedication and mastery is necessary would be ideal. This way you can continue to work hard in your “area(s)” and be proud of your skills and effort.


We’re off in Speculation Land here, but I think a reasonable guess for what we’ll see for all of the disciplines, battle and crafting alike, is a balance of

  • Experience: Leveling up will provide access to superior gear which will provide a statistical advantage in succeeding at tasks. In some cases, a statistical threshold may need to be met in order to have any chance of success, meaning that, for example, without the Master Fishing Rod there’s no chance to catch the Elite Swordfish.
  • Skill: Every activity requires some amount of physical finesse, and the more challenging the task, the more demanding the requirements for timing and accuracy. So, even with the Master Fishing Rod in hand, catching the Elite Swordfish will be impossible unless you can set the hook at just the right moment.
  • Knowledge: Lastly, every activity can only succeed under certain circumstances; knowing the where and when of success is as important as mastering the how. Anglers who don’t know that the Elite Swordfish can only be found in Lake Highsteppe at 2 AM on even numbered days stand little chance of ever catching one.

There’s a tried-and-true RPG formula here, and I’m curious to see how OrbusVR tweaks it. Of course, just putting the action into VR will give it a fresh feel. As for leaderboards, tournaments, etc., I’m all for them, and if it doesn’t come from the devs right away, we may be able to organize our own informal substitutes.

I’d also like to see some kind of badge, flag, insignia or other visual embellishment to indicate when a character has reached a prestigious rank. For me, I’ve never cared too much about how my toons looked in other MMOs, but Orbus is different. Because I (in a sense) physically embody my Orbus character, my sense of identification is much greater. Dressing it up feels much more personal, and being able to represent my achievements in my appearance feels much more significant. :man_with_turban: