PSA: Be careful about promoting links regarding Orbus VR on reddit. Beware of Vote manipulation to prevent getting banned

Hey all. I don’t see a thread about this so I wanted to share a pretty bad experience that came up on reddit and I want to help prevent something like this from happening again. Basically what happened was this: The /r/vive mod banned the Dev from the Vive subreddit as well as set the automoderator bot to automatically remove all posts regarding OrbusVR.

Now, before everyone gets out the pitchforks, there’s a small amount of logic behind the ban however I do feel it was an over reaction to make an example of OrbusVR and other kickstarters to dissuade anything remotely resembling “vote manipulation” or in other words, encouraging people to upvote or “spread the word” on reddit about a particular project.

I took some screenshots of the conversation so that everyone can glean as much information as possible:

My main concern is that people are going to not understand what actually happened and jump to the conclusion that there was some sort of malicious attempt to “game reddit” which is not what happened what-so-ever. That said, lessons to be learned here:

  • Never encourage people to go post or upvote content on reddit. Ever. In fact if you share reddit links, I would go as far as to put a disclaimer in your post saying “I’m just sharing this link, please do not vote, I am not trying to manipulate votes or brigade” (sounds silly I know but yeah… here we are)
  • Become familiar with how to link to reddit with no participation or np. links: (np . reddit . com instead of www . reddit . com)
  • Make sure if you’re linking to reddit that you use a np. prefix before the link to discourage participation, voting, or brigading.
  • Read the reddiquette in regard to voting:

The reason this is important is that we must act in good faith when sharing information and make it abundantly clear that we’re not in any way attempting to promote voting or brigading when sharing information about or on reddit. Hopefully the vive mods reverse their ban but we’re going to all have to be mindful going forward.

Whether you agree with the mod decision or not, if we want to participate in all of the VR subreddits, we have to play by their rules. Please let me know if you have any questions.

More about np links here:

One more reason I hate reddit.

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My wife (Mod on a default sub) suggests @Riley_D contact the mods on the sub directly and try to convince them to unban him and un-automod his game. She and the mods on her sub agree that the admins won’t do anything about it and some moderators are just dicks. They think unbanning might happen as a result of some exchange, such as a public apology or the like, but there aren’t any guarantees.

Reddit can burn in hell.

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LOL so much reddit hate.

Still, I hear you, I tried reaching out to them to facilitate some communication (imgur link in the OP) and I talked to Riley offline and he said he tried to talk to them too. I think without going into too much detail it was decided that, it’s their subreddit, they can do what they want, it feels like they’re trying to make an example out of Orbus, and hopefully if everyone here sticks to the rules, they’ll unban and remote the automod. Hence why I’m trying to make sure everyone knows how to follow the rules when sharing stuff over there.

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Knowing the rules is apparently no protection, as I’m sure Riley knew them and was in fact trying to follow them. :angry:

That’s literally the one time I’ve been on reddit this year, so at least I’ve gotten it out of the way and can get back to the sane world of politics on Facebook. :grin:

Yup, I agree. Reading the thread that invoked the ban, honestly I don’t see how that was breaking the rules either. Which is why in my OP I suggested the only thing I think that could have prevented this sillyness which is a dumb disclaimer telling everyone not to vote, discourage brigading but then sharing the np.reddit link. Seems silly like you’d have to jump through so many hoops just to prevent getting banned but yeah.

I just want to see people able to talk about Orbus VR naturally and organically on /r/vive as well as /r/oculus because I think this is going to be a pretty neat experience for everyone. I just don’t want to see half of the community censored over a misunderstanding.

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Hey everyone,

I think it’s good to let the whole community know about the Automoderator action since it can affect you if you try to post something on /r/vie. I do want to apologize since my actions are what led to this situation and I’m really bummed that other people besides myself can’t post on the subreddit about the game currently. My hope is that eventually that action will be rescinded but at the end of the day the mods have the final say. For what it’s worth, I have contacted the mods several times about this issue apologizing for the violation of the rules, and just trying to start a discussion about it, but unfortunately they have not spoken to me about it, so at this point all I know is what you all have been told.

I think if there’s any lesson to be learned here, it’s that any discussion about Reddit needs to stay on Reddit, so I’m going to go ahead and close this thread. But I appreciate your support of the game, and again I apologize that my actions caused that to happen. It was an innocent mistake, but it was a mistake nonetheless.

(Also that’s a good tip on the No Participation links, I didn’t know about those.)