PSVR port/version in the future possibly?

I know that this question has been asked over and over, but, I just watched game play of OrbusVR and oh my God… I love SAO with a passion and have always wanted to play a MMORPG but never had a good PC. I would literally cry if I got to play this in vr. If it, I understand since games take time and energy. I love you all regardless because I’ve been waiting for a good SAO type of game for a while and you all have finally made it and that makes me happy

Its a MMORPG and not a Moba. Just to let you know. Moba is something like League of Legends

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It’s a long-term goal we are working toward. I can’t give anymore detail/specifics other than that unfortunately.


Oh haha, I just realized I put MOBA! Thank you for letting me know. I meant MMORPG, but you get the idea :joy:

Thank you for the answer nonetheless! It is always good to hear from the developer team directly. Regardless, I do appreciate all that you guys have done and will do. I wish you all the best of luck and look forward to the day I can play this :slight_smile:

Oh no! I’m almost convinced my friend to not get psvr but instead buy pc and vive because of Orbus :joy:

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