Public Auction House API Information

Hey everyone - around two weeks ago we added some new public api endpoints for the auction house and player stalls in order to help with any community tools that players would want to create. These are more data-driven than human readable so will likely need to be converted by your tools to be useful.
We’ve done some testing on it and think it should be good to go now.

One caveat. To prevent abuse or server lag as we are currently trying the system for the first time, all data is cached for one hour on our end, meaning refreshing too often won’t show anything new until it rolls over.

The first one retrieves the list of market stalls, what they’re selling along with the quantities and prices:

The “inventory” and “prices” fields should be self-explanatory, the [email protected] entries refer to the item ID and the quantity of items for sale of that item.

We currently do not have a public item list of IDs available for you, but you can find out what each correspond to with the next command, as well as see some general stats and historical data of sales of that item.
132 in this case is the item ID for the Runemage Reagent.

The last command lists all the current auctions of a certain item, with the quantities and prices. shows the runemage reagents ones currently available.

We hope these can be of some utility, and I’ll try and answer questions you may have, however I am not intimately knowledgeable with this system so bear with me.


Did you mean to link two different subdomains for production use?

Oops, fixed it. My bad.

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Rather than return “ Could not find auction data for item id” could we get 0 for the three int fields?

Also, is there any possibility we could have access to more information in the auction house API? Right now, all I have is item name, times placed in AH, times purchased in AH, and total item count. That’s not quite what I had imagined when we were told we were getting the AH API. I imagined a more direct access to the listings, maybe cached in the hour, with seller, bid price, buyout price, and quantity.

It would be extraordinary if you could include listings from the past hour and whether or not they were purchased or auctioned off, or not purchased at all.

any info about how to see specific items id if they are not on market or a way to see a list of all items ids?

To help with some of the cloning issues players are experiencing, we are going to disable the new public API endpoints. They weren’t working properly and causing our server some stress. We need to do some optimizations on our end before we enable them again. With new years and the weekend coming up, we won’t be able to start fixing them until next week.

I’m disabling the 3 endpoints mentions in the original post of this thread for now.


Hate to see this go it has been a huge help to me. I’m hoping it gets reactivated at a later point

We are planning on re-activating the api once we get the kinks worked out, and glad it has been of use to you. With the holidays and everything it would be mid next week at the earliest though.

Any word on when we can expect the auction house api to be re-activated?

Not yet, but we’ve been working on some fixes in the backend for performance optimization and testing that, so depends how well and quickly that goes. We definitely want to enable it back as soon as we’re able to and sure it’s not causing any hiccups.
Thanks for your patience.

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