Putting away wand cancels rituals


When you put your wand away, it should cancel rituals. Teleport happens too often in tp (even tho its supposed to go away) and sometimes u miscast pre-casting triplicity before combat, and sometimes u may just want to cancel. Like what if you are teleporting but enter the wrong rune by mistake (then realize?) and so forth…

Thank you

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You can cancel teleport ritual by casting the polymorph rune


just did that several times, does not work (at least out of combat, such as when you would be pre-casting)


I noticed it has to be the next spell you cast, specifically as a safety measure for quickly trying to do triplicity and failing. Also I believe if you wait too long it won’t cancel it. I agree there should be some other way to cancel it though, since there have been times where I was completely out of a fight for a bit because of it.