PvP and PvE updates

so you shouldn’t tell me not to post about it

I was talking about the changes in PvP and PvE not being separate, causing the scoundrel/ possibly ranger being to op. When I’m talking PvP, I’m talking battlegrounds. If they don’t have a system to make PvP and PvE separate, I dought any changes they do to BG’s will affect the overworld.

In reality, all of the classes need to be looked at if they ever implement that kind of system. So yes, I understand that pally is hell to deal with sometimes but I’ve talked about it before, and like I said, saying the same the over and over isn’t going to make a difference. If they plan on making fixes it has already been noted down, and if not, well sadly, there’s not much we can do.

The big difference is that armor won’t work in battlegrounds, hence the difference to overworld is rather large, and probably not worse.

So these are my observations. I’ve been playing scoundrel for about seven months. I noticed that most of the commenters are mages. Mages sit at the top of the food chain for DPS, so it’s understandable that some feel an increase for other DPS classes is encroaching on the status quo. The idea or argument of one or two shot kills does not take into account the mage rapidity at casting 5 to 8 shots in the time it takes a Scoundrel to charge 1 shot. Couple that with the dynamic targeting that magic users currently enjoy, the modest increase to the other DPS classes pales to this capability.
To put it plainly…Duck or die. Just like the rest of us.

Runemages that are good at telecasting practiced it. other runemages that sit still in BG’s are sitting ducks and can easily be killed in Battlegrounds and overworld. It’s not about runemages. I main scoundrel and even I’m complain about being able to get behind someone and one or two shot people.