Pvp arena technical issues

Not sure why. In the arena it would not let me sword rush or attack Elk. It would let me kill Johann. we’re all in the same guild. I was also able to sword rush and attack Justin (ranger) though his hunter’s mark on my shield is so huge I couldn’t see past it. So it was dark, bright blue shield with a bright red arrow blocking my entire field of view. Not very pleasant.Warrior Dps in arena is nice.

were you and elk in a party prior to joining arena

no. I was partied with shiki and he wasn’t in the arena.

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the arena should have 30 seconds of immunity so everyone can load and change class without dying defenseless.


I agree with Shiki, or have some way to set up a default loadout for the arena so we don’t need to spend time switching things around in the inventory. First couple of seconds are always players switching gear

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