PvP balancing from my experience


Well after playing a few battlegrounds and seeing all the classes played by a whole bunch of different players, This is what I feel should be fair to help balance somethings out. Do keep in mind I’m only thinking about PvP for my suggestions.


Currently struggling like always the damage is extremely lack luster unless they’re able to get a wound combo off. Basic slashes with small shield should have a good damage increase in order for them to be even considered a threat on the battlefield.

Both shields tend not to block projectiles if you’re moving towards your target via sliding, Which is horrible gameplay to look at and or experience.


Despite the complains I only think the damage of the paladin is the broken part about them, Mainly the “Hammer of retribution” lets you just point and click to deal good damage. Paladin’s hammer also has the same issues as the mage spells and you can’t sometimes tell how high or low it is when thrown.

I’m still waiting on the current changes to come, Hopefully it doesn’t get nerfed into the ground!


Extremely squishy and very hard to play however can be deadly when played right as one affliction will take down any non tank class unless healed or will leave you with sub 10% health when not using “true affliction”. Once the spell tracking is fixed I feel like this will be in a good place!


Currently this class is very strong and is pushing the limits of being broken the ability for you to spam fire without risking your current card and burnt card is kind of stupid and makes it brain dead to play. I see most players running straight into the faces of the opposition and just spray n’ pray which takes little to no skill.

Currently the ultimate for scoundrel will still target players nameplates and not the model resulting in zero damage even players in the overworld that aren’t flagged will get bullets homing in on them, Please do make it so missing a certain amount of shots makes you lose your current card+Brunt card.


Pretty much a weaker scoundrel with more range and the ability to one shot more often, The poison arrow is fairly strong but possibly giving it more sickness stacks would help to take down healers/tanky targets better as they can only carry two arrows… (More arrows slots I beg)


With extra movement speed, fairly strong healing and the power to chunk a player down I feel like this is in a pretty good place! Sadly not that many play bard and Batons can’t be seen when thrown.


Very under powered, Damage compared to bards doesn’t exist versus their damage output and the healing is alright but requiring a ton of skill to aim. Fix the turret so it will attack players when set to that mode please as this class can’t kill anything in a fair fight.


Yikes, This class is in dire need of help! Great damage, Most of time the orbs are invisible when on totems and thrown. It’s a joke how easy orbs are too dodge when you can see them a good change would be to make orbs explode on ground impact hitting targets around them.

Shaman does look very fun to play however it needs a mechanic change to even be considered viable.


I totally agree with everything said here. For shamans, I’d add that respawning with totems on cooldown is really annoying, since you have to wait 20 seconds until you can do literally anything.


I have played quite a bit of PvP both in the overworld and in battlegrounds and I absolutely agree with the above post.
Paladin definitely needs some rework done for the hammer of retribution for PvP and also something to limit their burst potential it is too much and I say this as someone that plays paladin non-stop. (I do hope though the nerfs are not going to make it unviable anymore)

Scoundrel is very very scary on battlegrounds and in open world PvP, their bullets actually suffer from the same problem as mage spells as you cannot see them. Not losing card effect after missing a shot also seems less like gambling and more like sitting on your mount and spraying charged shots until you 1 shot kill mages and or almost kill other medium armor classes.

Got nothing else to add about needed buffs for the warrior, musketeer, ranger and shaman (in PvP of course)

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Shaman’s orb totems should just be orbs on cooldown on your belt. So the only totem you throw are the AOE DPS. I think that would solve alot of issues


I agree with all these points.

No class should be able to one-shot, right now a few classes can 1-shot. I think player damage over all needs to be nerfed 30-50%.

For Scoundrel, I would suggest keeping the overall damage the same but decrease the regular damage and increase the the damage buff damage for showing off. This will make it a bit more skillful to play the scoundrel.

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