PvP Bounty System Idea

With the upcoming new battlegrounds map I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to add a PvP bounty system! I always felt as if PvP (especially World PvP) was lacking on things to do, the only real times I do any PvP is when battlegrounds is occasionally popping or when the trickster goblin spawns, both aren’t happening that often. I think adding a bounty system into the game could add more things to do in PvP, because honestly in PvP it consists of a lot of waiting, whether it be waiting for battlegrounds or waiting for the trickster goblin to spawn, there’s a lot of waiting involved for smal a burst of action.

I know there’s a few unofficial bounties going on, but most of those take place in specific discord servers with video or photo evidence needed, and even if you have that evidence you risk the bounty not being delivered or that the person who set the bounty is just not looking to pay anymore.

I don’t entirely know how it would work, maybe a npc in highsteppe or in the player house that would allow people to accept bounties or to set bounties on players, and once that’s done you can have some limited detail provided to the bounty hunter. Some of the information I thought that could be provided is if their online, what zone their in, and maybe even have a point on the compass that points in the general direction of them, similar to the green point for party members but in a different color.

Having this in-game could also have a few new stuff added, like a title called “Bounty-Hunter” or even some new missions from Marlowe that would have you do a bounty or place a bounty.

I also think there should be a expiration system for the bounty, for example if no one kills the bountied player in 72 hours the reward goes back to the person who set the bounty, or maybe even to the bountied player. I definitely see issues with the 2nd idea, mainly the bountied player can just log off and wait the 72 hours out.

TLDR: Adding a PvP bounty system could introduce new players to PvP and add more content to PvP in general.


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