Pvp chest transmog

could we possibly have a pvp chest that spawns at a specific location that drops a transmog that is only obtained from the chest as part of the next dlc if you do another?


Oooo , you could probably piggy back it off the daily treasure chest maps.

Have an extra drop for anyone pvp enabled and everyones map points to the same point with a count down timer in styilysed runes on the map … (I’m thinking predators bomb)

For when it spawns.

Have the chest look like a raid chest … turned dormant mimic…

Have to damage it x amount to get it to open
(Make it harder for someone to ninja loot and scoot)

But not a ton of damage either , that would ruin the fun. I’m thinking like 60k damage.

Just enough that someone will need to briefly pause…

Or … when you grab the lock it is like a teleport charge for it to unlock …

That might be better actually.
Maybe not as long tho …
Or maybe that would work…

Get the pad lock as a transporter if you ever are the one to unlock the chest.

Then some cool transmogs for inside.

Could just color transmog some of the mounts.
Maybe a vendor takes padlocks as a form of currency :slight_smile:

Easy stuff to add more content.


it would help so much to retain pvpers to the game if they had a chest that spawns in a specific spot at a certain time, to make for a different fight scenario, like their use to be in original. With the goblin having to be looked for it really spreads things out, it is good because it gives everyone a chance to win, but it is a completely different scenario, therefor a much different type of battle. This could be done so easily by the dev team and would make a big impact on pvp.

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I forgot to mention that pvp does need a big impact.

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