PvP is dead ingame


PvP in this game has already been lacking, but over the past couple weeks it has gotten worse. barely anyone goes into the wilds for more than 5 minutes to check the resource spawns, and then either logs out at them or leaves, and the trickster chest is the same. in the past 10 chests there has been mabye 1 team of opposition that have went to actually try and get it.
a quick way to help this problem is to buff the trickster chest drops to help other guilds find it more useful to them and worth spending the time to try and get it, as for what they could be, it oculd be a straight token increase, or adding other items to the shop such as other wilds mats like blood cape and crown foil, or both. as for the wilds it would be tough to make a quick fix, so that can be left for a later date when the classes actually get balanced for pvp, ie musket cant heal through a group of 5, people cant get one shot, etc etc

also a cool idea would be to have tokens needed to do other things in tandem with other mats like dram, like using tokens to upgrade the player house, fellowship hall, and other QoL upgrades

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Buffing the chest rewards won’t make people want to do it more, it’s not fun to get killed by EK every time you show up so all it will do is give EK more rewards for showing up


I think the problem is there doesn’t seem to be a lot of players that truly love PvP and practice to make themselves better at it. Most of the players seem to favor PvE and so when they go to the wilds and get whomped over and over again by people who practice and love PvP, it is not a fun experience for them. I’m not sure what the answer is, faction based PvP at least puts everyone on the same team. Battlegrounds would be fun, but not sure we have the server pop to do a 10vs10, maybe a 3vs3. I guess that really depends on the rewards. If the rewards are great I’m sure there would be a lot of people doing it.


i dont remember the last time i have seen a invis guy, and thats not really what this thread is about. its about the lack of anyone being at the chest or in the wilds in general. usually i am one of the only ones who even goes to the chest from EK, as there isnt the fun aspect of pvp. it nots about who uses pots or who doesnt, its that no one even goes for it from either sides


Yeah man… they are invisible.

Yes. Nobody shows up because… why dont you just read any of the other posts related to the wilds chests… and this time focus on the parts where people say they are gonna stop showing up…

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When the chest first came out and EK stomped everyone, they gave up pretty quick. Of course the PvPers of Orbus will win in a 2v2,3 or maybe even 2v4. If EK is only sending 1 person to grab the chest, it’s currently 1v0. All of this “not fair or fun” is based on experiences long past.


You mean experiences that happened dozens of times mostly using a mechanic that has been
heavily argued, is broken… and hasnt happened since people stopped showing up.

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does anyone here have any ideas about how we can make pvp more fun for everyone involved then?


I think the main point that was already highlighted would be balance.

Riley already had a good comment on the existing problems in the last thread-

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I’m reopening this thread now minus the trolling and replies to said trolling.

If people are wanting to have a good faith discussion about this, we’re definitely always willing to listen to ideas on how to make the PvP more attractive to more players.

But at the same time we’re rethinking the system long term in general too so keep that in mind if we’re not making major changes just yet.

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i agree with the post about battles being to short. people would spend more time preparing and circling around each other then fighting, if we reduced the damage of most things in pvp so we could spend more time fighting and less time circling and running pvp would be much funner I think. and i know this won’t be a popular opinion but i also believe that in the bandit area potions should not be effective with all the invis pots in felt a little like spending money was the key to the trickster pvp then anything else it should be a contest of skill and gear not money


IMO its just very very hard to balance pve and pvp when you are forced to use the same setup.
We have to be able to hit hard in pve because if not the bosses would just spank us and it would break pve. As with our hp. We cant have tons of hp in pve because we cant have a boss just wail on us all day. That would not be fun.
Using pve stats in pvp means that we hit to hard and have too little life. So fights are just over to quickly.
Pve and pvp need different set ups. Its a different type of game.
The wilds are cool as a risky run through place try to collect what you can and get out as is but if you want a real throw down I believe that you are going to have to change the numbers.
Maybe do pvp gear? It would have to switch when entering and exiting. Something that would change the stats on everyone entering and leaving. I dont know.


I don’t pvp because there isn’t a balance between classes. I’m a warrior and don’t stand a chance with any other class. If there was a class war pvp it would do better or if they made it more objective base where there would be a benefit to use something other then a mage or scoundrel, then I would participate more. It’s not fun to die every 20 seconds or so and feel like I’m a moving target with a useless shield.


What the heck this thread is one year old, iit was about the wilds of the original game which is no longer existing LOL and I was wondering who the f… is EK are they not gone long ago :smiley:

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(Just going to close this because we have a rule against necroing very old threads and this is a year old. Feel free to add to the other PvP discussions going on currently though!)

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