PVP Node Diversity


It’s hard to tell as a World PVPer which resource nodes are PVP only. At just 25% or so, it’s also not a big boost to productivity, because you still have to gather the extra nodes.

One thing which could fix both, highlight PVP nodes and improve productivity, would be to spawn different types of nodes next to non-PVP nodes. For example, spawn some Wilting Sun next to the Sour Bells near Highsteppe, or some obsidian next to grathorpe in some cave. That would be clearer, because the odd nodes would obviously be the PVP nodes, and helpful for crafting, because potions usually require a good variety.


going off the beta test where i very rarely if ever saw people with pvp turned on outside of HS, there needs to be more incentive. with only a 10%(think that is what riley said, no more than 25%) boost to harvesting people are not willing to risk losing everything, and fishing has 0 boost. even with a 2x boost to fishing it would be arguable about whether or not it is worth it, so those definitly need a boost.

The 10% xp boost, as i have said before, needs some change somewhere. wont say to much about it here because i have said it before, but with the quest boost being available to everyone regardless of whether or not they use pvp outside of HS, and mob XP being a purposeful bad way to get XP, it doesnt add much incentive at all


With laughing coffin out there looking to kill anyone with PvP on, no matter how big the boost they give I still won’t be turning my PvP on


As I already said, you cannot turn PvE’rs in to PvPers… It doesn’t work like that.

PvP should be incentivized through means that actually makes sense not some nonsensical gathering
or exp mechanic. Trying to force people to turn PvP on is not the way to solve a lack of PvPers.

Nethertheless… if you want to force people to turn PvP on… I turn PvP on to gather the PvP nodes not because I care about exp… I would then be forced to fight if I was found gathering them.


same even when i turn i quset i find it useless to turn quest with pvp on only for 10% i only turn it on for fun after i level and want to be crazy


The whole system is flawed to be honest.

This is a small community, no one wants to kill their friends and take their items. There will only be people ganking on random new players that you don’t know and no one has fun losing their items in a blink of their eye with how much physical work and time is put into gaining items.

I would rather Open World PvP be a friendly war with like who can keep the most “PvP Points” and when you kill someone you gain points and when you are killed you lose points.

Laughing Coffin players rack up like 1000 points? Then they are worth a lot of points when they are killed.

They turn off PvP to save their points? Then they lose like half their points as a penalty.

I just want to PvP, I don’t want to hate the game/PvP cause I lost items.


It already works like this

No ones talking about forcing anyone to do anything, just the difference between”if I turn on pvp I get nearly no reward” vs “ I could get something out of having pvp on”


I’m not sure where you are getting this “forcing” from. There is no forcing, everyone has a price where they will eventually turn it on. Some people’s price might be an increase from 10% to 50% and so on.

Not everyone knows everyone or is friends with everyone. We gank anyone that is not in our guild.

Since there is a big risk as you said then there should be a bigger reward

lol, No one in LC will be turning off there PvP to save points.


Yeah that sir, is forcing someone to do something they do not want to do. If they wanted to PvP they would not need such a large incentive :slight_smile: . Even with extra exp and extra nodes they are still not turning it on… So maybe forcing PvErs to put themselves in a risk state (oh wait should we call it ‘incentivizing’) is not the way to go.


Players have an option so they are not forced. Also, below is the definition of force.

Force: make (someone) do something against their will.


What incentives “make sense”, if not bonuses to things that actually impact the game? An even more elaborate system of shiny stickers?


Yeah and if the incentive is increased people who do not want to pvp by their will, will be forced to enable pvp for non pvp reasons… hence force… it is not their will to engage in pvp… but they are forced to become pvp targets due to the game requirements.


‘Shiny stickers’ lets say, vanity rewards and/or pvp gear as rewards would be acceptable as an incentive yes.



nice meme response. very intelligent answer.


I understand that as a PvPer… You want incentives to PvP… But making something universally not for PvPers the incentive… Just is not the way to go… Either the incentive has to be more geared toward purely PvP based items, or you are going to end up forcing the players not interested in pvp to engage… Which ultimately as I have seen in other MMOs… ends up with PvErs quitting the game completely or the game publishers making adjustments (hence PvE and PvP server splits on many other MMOs).


I don’t think the history of PVP in MMOs tracks the way you’re claiming. Plenty of successful games make PVP a fun, optional activity without sticking them in their own sandbox to play. Tweaks are made, but as often as not towards, instead of away from, integration of PVP and PVE communities and incentives for PVP. The biggest example is obviously WOW, which added War Mode.

All this is a digression from the main point: PVP nodes are nice, but have poor visibility and marginal utility. A minor tweak, adding diversity to nodes, would be a great boost for PVP folks and would not have PVE folks.


I agree war mode was a great way to have fun for both sides. What incentive did blizzard give for war mode engagement?

EDIT: I am not saying that integrating PvP and PvE is bad… It just has to be done as you said yourself as a ‘fun, optional activity’… Not a forced requirement because of incentives.


Exp bonuses and PVP talents. Access to PVP only shards and all the resources present in them.


so your view point is that anything that links PvP and PvE together makes it forcing PvE players to PvP?

u agree that everyone has a price, meaning that once that price is it they want to turn PvP on, if the dont want to turn PvP on it means that they dont want to and wont.
i dont see the problem

so what if through PvP raid gear was available to get, would that be ok then? because right now PvP are forced to do PvE players if they want to deal more damage to other players in the overworld. Without PvEing they are unable to get the gear to do this. by your logic this means we are forced into doing PvE and is unfair,