PVP outside of the wilds


Would be nice to duel outside of the wilds. Great way to kill time and test out the gear you have on.


Yeah, something like challenging someone to a 1 vs 1 would be an amazing feature, also if one of the player would die, it would rather trigger an “unbending” effect and end the PvP immediately, or something like this :slight_smile:


I love this idea, a duel option would definitely be a great way to kill time and/or have fun practcing pvp with friends using actual gear stats and talents without having to fight in the wilds.


a nice way to kill time and show off skill anywhere anytime


I to would like to have a duel system


I often thought it would be interesting to add an event where everything is PVP. Kind like “The Purge.” 12 hours of mayhem. Maybe limit engagement to your level +/- 1 or some rules like that to force good sportsmanship.


That would be crazy fun xD
To add to it lock off all private instances such as house, guardian Bart area, dungeons etc, so you can run, but u can’t hide


I like the idea of a dueling system because it could have the pleasant side effect of livening up cities.


Duels are something I’ve wanted for a very very very long time.


Same, i asked that in beta. Going in the wilds to 1v1 is really annoying


Dueling would be great. I’d personally just like all zones to be PvP for lvl 20’s. You could make it so you don’t drop items outside the wilds.


Honestly that much pvp would be annoying for some casual players who just want to play and level, I personally am not a fan of pvp and I think dueling is a great factor but allowing pvp everywhere will chase away people who are here for casual gameplay and farming.


You could easily make a system to OPT into World PvP.


Yes, I agree. What if people just wanted to keep killing me? I think I would just quit the game to keep dying, losing stuff or having to repair.


In all reality, I just want different environments for pvp. Imagine fighting in highsteppe with the multi-level terrain, buildings to hide behind, etc… It would be sooooo much better than the flat area we have currently.


Guild city next pvp zone


That’s actually a really great point.

Why isn’t there like any obstacles for the Wilds chest area for example??
I think Trees allow pass through and don’t block anything.

But the Devs want to add Battlegrounds in the future anyways.


Hey Riley,

Is there ever going to be a change to the character movement?
Like is the character skipping while sliding a limitation in Unity or a design choice to work along teleportation?

This is my biggest gripe in PvP.


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