PVP Side of OrbusVr

Hi I wanted to post here about the state of PVP, I think PVP is starting to kick up again, but we have not really been seeing anything changing for the PVP side of things and a lot of people would like to see more I’m positive I am not the only one with this point of view and if you guys have ideas we should talk about them here, like we should add more options like 1v1’s 2v2’s and maybe some other game modes like king of the hill or team deathmatches, if not that at least try to fix a few of the current bugs within PVP battlegrounds right now. I would love to hear all the ideas other people have but I would love to see PVP get some love.


Ideas I’d love to see:

Free for all
Giant player boss vs groups of 5-10 (think Dev World Boss event)
Capture the Flag
New maps
Defend the castle/Take the castle


I’d also like more items to the goblin store, Like a Mini goblin pet, they already have the Goblin in game so they just have to add a feeding animation to it and make it smaller.

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Honestly I would like to see a better incentive to play battlegrounds pvp.

Daily pvp reward for que
Participation exp based off win/loss
Pvp participation rewards based off win/loss
A pvp gear/item vendor seperate from mission giver(basically spend X amount of pvp tokens for loot chest with a random loot RNG table)


My biggest thing with pvp I see this in many MMOs they focus way to hard on PvE and never give pvpers anything there is so much u can do to include pvp more with people example stories from old game I love hearing about them talk about the deserts and how it was pvp chaos all the time so many good stories come from this kind of thing and experiences all this would do is build the game more battlegrounds maybe add a new map add capture the flag, king of the hill, defend the castle where one team defends and switches sides and it’s best of three rounds, search and destroy mode team deathmatch point is there are so many more things they can be added to pvp and nothing has been done with it over world pvp is cool but make it where an area of the map has certain mobs or loot where it forces u to be in pvp to get it something I know this is long and I’m horrible at Grammer please don’t hate me lol


I don’t think they care for pvp at all. Balance for it and class issues like musky turret are just ignored.

It would be nice if they brought back one of the red zones. With no interest in pve after getting max leveI / runes, I just login and roam around looking for a fight, 9 times out of 10 never finding anyone flagged and leave

Edit: oh, make red orbs for quest users! Honestly the render distance for us should depend how many players are in the area instead of being a static value. So much effort :roll_eyes:

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Separate PvP shard
Private Battlegrounds instances
Different bg game modes
Different bg maps
PvP weapons and armor with PvP affixes
PvP grinding areas
Class balancing for PvP
Fellowship territories to compete over

Really just seeing any kind of love from the devs regarding PvP would be cool :slightly_smiling_face:


+1 CTF as long as pallies can’t hammer teleport while carrying the flag lol.

(or warrior TP, maybe shaman totem-TP lol)


honestly i would love to see team deathmatch with a bigger map

We should bring back times like these OrbusVR 2018-08-05_15-58-22.mp4 - Google Drive


I would come back for the wilds. I feel it is time for vanilla orbus with Ilysia and zenith going into early testing.


Bring back the wilds. It wouldn’t take much to get people out there fighting.

Vanilla Orbus isn’t realistic

Despite never loving forced Orbus pvp, I would maybe do more of it if inventory wasn’t a nightmare. I’m not going to unload pages and pages of items every time a goblin pops up.

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And the orbus we have now is realistic?? “Im gonna draw a shape in the air with a stick and make a frickin fireball” Orbusvr isnt meant to be realistic. If it was, nobody would play it. You don’t play videogames to experience everyday life, you play them as an escape from everyday life.

Not that kind of realistic. Orbus Reborn exists for a reason. If they brought back old Orbus the game would become unplayable.

Personally I see no reason at all why preborn would be unplayable. Adding back successful elements of the old game into the new typically is a boon. They’ve done so on a number of occasions like Mist Keeper. EDIT: I see he is asking for literally preborn. I mean, no it wouldn’t be unplayable but also the dev’s obviously won’t do that.

OrbusVR Reborn doesn’t exist for any reason other than, the assumption, that they needed to make the game quest friendly & decided to recode a lot of it.

Preborn was designed for pcvr. It was extremely unoptimized and lagged a lot. With this playerbase size, the devs would either have to make the graphics lower or get better servers. There is absolutely no reason to bring back preborn. He js talking about competition when things like A Township Tale didn’t steal everyone. Each game has it’s own aspects that are different. Since this is getting pretty off topic, I’m gonna leave it here.

Lol my mistake, sorry for the rant

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