PvP we really need some CC

hi, pvp is not that much fun right now
we need stuns, slows etc

it would be so much better when players can use all their abillities

at world pvp there are players that can just use their hammer to get away from everyone
its boring when we cant do anything against that

shaman is useless without stuns
as shaman you can just stand and die

in every game at PvP you can use all spells Dx why not here
I would love it so much

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If people could get stunned in pvp in this game they would probably die VERY quickly, especially with shamans burst damage, paladins still wouldn’t die and I think getting stuck would be Incredibly frustrating.

I don’t play the game anymore, but I know alot about pvp.

Now, shields working better in pvp would be great, pushback spell would be nice in pvp, there are a few things I’d like to see, stun is not one of them.

Slow spells already slow people I am pretty sure


but what can you do against hammer throwing player in world pvp ?
we need a way for this
its frustration to see that
im trying to slow hammer throwing players but it doesnt work
they can just throw their hammer and got away

it would be cool to start a survey
im realy sure we need some changes there

and shaman just cant do anything
i dont thing that stun on shaman is game breaking
with stuns he can do something
i think its the only whay to do something on shaman

warrior is useless too without stuns
dealing 0 dmg and just can die in pvp

can you try to explain why it would be killing the game?
I think its would be much better
I mean every game is using all their spells on pvp

We’ve been begging the devs to stop the op hammer throwing since the game came out but nothing’s happened yet.

Shamans have a stun would be op because Shamans have incredible burst damage, but they aren’t good in pvp because they are mostly a stationary class. If shamans could trap you, shamans would become very overpowered.

Getting stunned would ruin pvp because once you get stunned the fight is already over, very boring, very stuipid.

Most pvp has stuns yes, but most pvp also has a few abilities to block stuns. Pvp would be a case of “Who can stun first wins” in the case where you can’t block the incoming stun, thus making meta classes who can stun better than others. Orbus isn’t that complex to have complex pvp mechanics which is sad to say.

I mean, pvp in battlegrounds is intense as it is. but that’s battlegrounds

I never overworld pvp

Huh… PVP is plenty fun in Orbus, and you’ll notice plenty complexity in it if you play enough but if you were to tier classes it probably looks like this:

High Tier: Scoundrel, Musketeer, Runemage

Mid tier: Bard, Ranger, Paladin,

Low-tier: Warrior, Shaman

(The above is true in battlegrounds but a lot of this can be overwritten in the overworld, where high-tier armor, weapons will make you OP vs a fresh lvl 30 even if skills were equal.) Also, a really good player of one of the mid-tier classes can definitely hold their own with the high-tier classes in battlegrounds.

Shaman can also run pretty strong area denial. The problem is that the current games modes basically never require this. Now if only there was some trickster chest event consistently hidden in a choke point. Or perhaps more battlegrounds maps or play modes (defend the hill, stuff beside capture the flag) that could allow it to shine? As well as add some variety.

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yeah I love pvp in this game

I’m sorry but musky is not a high tier class. Not for goblin runs and not for battlegrounds. The only reason its decent is in 1v1 in overworld or battleground and when groping up with a mage, scoundrel, or pally is musky and people in party can outlast the opposition, that is what made it top tier in oldbus, however now there are mages than can just delete anyone but pally in pvp which makes musketeer kind of bad in battlegrounds.

On goblin runs it can be powerful. Pally cannot kill musky or anyone partied with the musky very easily. Though in those cases the person attacking could just go mage and render your healing useless if they are good enough.

But even then it does not have the movement of pally or dps of mage to be high tier.

Pally is high tier due to increased survivability, decent damage if played right, and the best pvp movement in game. Pally is top tier in both battlegrounds for its ability to cap points very quickly with pally throwing to each point which helps win the game and is the best in world pvp for its ability to escape. You deal with pally quickly, kill them before they have a chance to pally throw away.

I do think that perhaps pally should have different damage reductions for each class to balance pvp against pally. As it stands right now you either need to be a top tier mage to kill a decent pally in pvp or get enough people to overwhelm said pally. (In which case they would pally throw away)

PVP does have its problems but I don’t think stuns would be the right answer.

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I disagree, but this probably gets into class balance which would deserve its own thread. In the case that a Pally keeps attacking (and doesn’t just retreat), I’ve been able to 1v1 them in both the overworld and in battlegrounds on muskie. That said, there may be wide variety of player skill involved here.

Like I said, the high-tier and mid-tier I listed are much more squashed together than the low-tier I listed.

Even with this, shaman would probably be viable if there were pvp games modes that made its tactics more usable (which is the core of what I was trying to say anyway). This would also increase fun by having more game modes.

I find that if you anticipate a paladin’s heal book and waste their orbs (if they are sloppy) you can then burn him down.

Musky gives me the most trouble, they can last much longer in combat giving others time to jump in. Even if it is a 1v1, a good musky can out heal any damage done to them.

Never see Shamans in pvp

I am willing to bet they will never fix this until maybe rereborn comes out