QA Lead Re-Introduction?

Hey everyone! So this is both exciting and a little weird since most of you know me already, but… I’ve joined the Orbus Team! :smiley:

I’ve been added as the QA Lead so I’ll be the guy running around and touching all the things to try and make sure there is as little broken as possible. The 24/7 beta period starts in less than two days and there’s a ton of stuff I need to play with so please be forgiving as I attempt to play catch up.

Again, just really excited to be involved with this project and hoping I can make a positive impact on the game.


Oh god they let you in!?!

Just kidding. Grats dude.

Haha, yeah, I’m probably just as surprised as you are. Thanks!

We will be counting on you Damage and congratz! :slight_smile:

QA is the roughest job there is but one of the most important, I believe in Harvey De-. I believe in @Damage_Da_Mage !

Really cool stuff! Gratz! Looking forward to good work.

welp heres hoping the worst dose not happen…

Huh. What would that be?

That Damage catches everything and we aren’t able to get unlimited super epics!

Grats on the new role Damage! I will now hold you personally responsible for all bugs I find tomorrow.

@Draven I think this is probably the “worst” that @xaviar_p was talking about :smile:

Thanks again everyone!


heck if i know. literaly anything bad can happen.

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