QoL Suggestions Reborn


Some QoL Suggestions I’d really like to see…

Event Timers:

  • waited 1h for the mines-event to start today… it would be neat to have a separate tab displaying all events with counters or at least if it’s off - starting soon - ongoing etc.; if there’s only 1 event quest left it’s a bit tiring to port to the area and look at the sky all the time


  • I picked up all but their grouping is a bit odd, the list should be sorted after higher/lower areas for better orientation (HS - Rainforest - Lamavora etc.)

Combat Logs:

  • Would be nice if these don’t get overwritten each login but named to combat log(1), (2) up to 5-10 times then the oldests should get deleted


So I noticed there was something wrong with the list, it was fine on my fresh character which I leveled 1-30 but on my main which was already level 20 theory were in the wrong order, this happened because i went straight to lamavora before picking up any of the teleport pillars from highsteppe or rainforest so now my list goes fellowship court -> lamavora portals -> highsteppe portals -> rainforest portals -> Huthains Basin portals -> wastelands portals, which takes a bit longer than normal to work out where which one I’m looking is going to be than if I was on my fresh character


One more thing:

Player House Chest:

  • Can we have one more tab (if it must be, for sale)? With all the new items in now I will not be able to gather shards and dragons like before, without deleting resources…


Instead of an extra tab it would probably make more sense to get purchasable storage slots at each of the crafting tables. It can be a pain going back and forth from the player chest. The first 12 slots would be the stuff that goes on the table. The rest of the slots would be purchasable to store extra craft-able stuff.


Target Dummies

  • I would love to see a training dummy with approximately 10 million health and regens its health at 10% a second. This would make it so much easier to test your tilesets and damage and such if it were in your house. Perhaps with a dps meter or a button in game next to the dummy to open the combat log.


Quick Class Switches, Class Inventory

  • Please, please, PLEASE add a way to switch classes quickly and add some mechanism for assigning gear to the class so it moves quickly
  • Please also add inventory space just for those class gears.



  • Place mailbox in player home that allows you to send items to anyone you have the name of (and add COD system). This will help with allowing people to send items they know the other person needs and encourage more trade outside of the auction house. Maybe do a one-sided processing fee (rather than two-sided that the AH has)

  • Give mages the ability to make and sell teleport scrolls. (for those of us who are spell challenged).
  • Let players search for others by name (can be really annoying atm to invite someone new to raid party)
  • Reduce the weight of potions. They take up way too much weight in your inventory to the point where when you are leveling, you have to constantly destroy them. Doesnt make sense for potions to weigh more than your armor


A similar idea to the teleport scrolls:
The ability for a runemage to make a temporary portable location. For instance you could either use two runes the game has or make up your own runes for a temporary location that can be teleported to with a reagent. For example if I use affliction 2 fireball 3 one stroke shortcut then for an hour any player (or just the player who made the temporary location) can teleport there with those runes.


it would be a radical challenge to open PvP and probably force the devs to make it impossible in PvP zones or people would have instant run back capabilities.

Cool idea though, the necro summon was a ‘staple’ in WoW and I personally think it would help a lot with pace of gameplay to be able to summon a player with a prompt on their end (toggleable to prevent popup harassment :P) or a 2 way townhall portal from where you are to your bind point in town or something for people to jump to you.

Cool lvl 30 ability concept but it’d be pretty annoying if every lvl 1 toon could do that sort of thing all day long.


I second this. I would love to swap classes quicker. Mailboxes I would love; it would be so cool to open letters in your house and read them that way, also would be good for organization.



  • Add color code or something to players in BG
  • Add color lights for zones to show quickly and at a distance who has what
  • Show zone window for bg flags (like you have for Guardian Circle and a few other public events


  • Fix the title panel from being clicked through
  • Provide detail when hovering over a title to show what you did to earn it
  • Add sort features to missions:
  1. Sort Primary (Type, Level, Kind [weekly/level/credit], Completion Status)
  2. Sort Secondary (same list)
  • Add favorites feature to missions tab (click on stars or something to keep them at the top of your missions tab)
  • Add sort function to accomplishments window (completed, incompleted, sort by type [gather, pvp, level, etc], ‘show only next’ to show you only the first level above what you have)
  • Fix the maps to be the right direction! Who looks at a map without a compass rose on it and thinks up is west?
  • UI control window in player home for the miscellaneous animations around the home. I think it was mentioned earlier that those animations are supposed to go away with a click on the “show help guides” to disable, but they don’t. A simple way to handle this without making the player menu too full of toggles is to put something in the player home that has its own menu (like an unobtrusive button on the wall)


Progress bars for achievements would be a great QoL update, once you have gotten an achievement you have no idea how close you are to the following one once you go out and start doing stuff and not all the stats are on the API so it can’t even be tracked externally (looking at you critters captured)


Dragon Races

  • Make it clear somewhere that you will have to skip rings to achieve a good rank for all those newbies who will be joining us (you might already have this but I haven’t seen it so if you do just ignore me)
  • Add all rank times to the mission statement (i.e. tell people up front how long for silver, gold, etc)

Belt Gear

  • Add toggle to hide all belt items while your weapon is out. This is already happening for some classes (ranger, shaman), but would be very helpful for others. I know on my paladin even with the recent adjustment, I still sometimes grab them.