Quest 2 optimization?

Will the game be optimized for the quest 2? If so how long do you think it will take?


I really hope quest2 users will be able to see other players tools. So I can help with overworld maps. Seeing other players mounts would be nice but I hope the draw distance increases a bit.

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Hi, we are planning for Quest 2 users to be able to see other players mounts, and tool belt items. We are also looking at increasing other graphical levels like shadows as well as texture resolution, but those will take more testing before we are sure how far we can push the new device.


Itheac please…


I’ll likely repurchase once these optimizations are made. You should leave OG quest as a super low graphical option for times of intense lag and then just turn it up to 11 and have an experimental same as pcvr setting and just increments in between.

I have the impression quest2 should be able to handle most of what orbus can dish out based on playing other games on it.

If I had to guess I bet low settings with effects turned off for everyone not in party or pvp flagged would work.

But we shall see :slight_smile:

I just want a further draw distance. If there was just one thing I could have upgraded on quest2 it would be draw distance of players, enemies, harvest points, etc.

I dont know how annoying the oculus store is to test out new stuff on … but I’d be willing to sideload and test on q2 if ya need feedback.

I’d like to see if the base game can just run on it to be honest … even if its laggy.

That’s exciting. Quest 2 is my first vr, excited to try this game.

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