Quest bug in univ isle quest

During the last test I started the airship to univ isle and got the ticket, but didn’t speak to guardian bart. Now during this Beta when I tiried to speak to guardian bart he has nothing to say to me. I’ve also gone to Guild City to speak to the bishop. He is there but he has the grey question mark over his head. The guys i was questing with mentioned that this was a bug for me and i should ask for a reset on the quest. My character name is axlbundy

Okay I think I know how to fix that. Are you logged out?

So, I have really got to go to bed, haha. Let me know if you’re done playing later tonight and I will fix it in the morning.

I’m Logged out now. Thanks for fixing this quest bug tomorrow.

Also, I logged out when i was on the airship, and when i logged back in I am now stuck floating in the sky!

Return to graveyard (in settings) and than re-logging should fix the stuck floating in the sky bug.

a few of us also have this bug Joe_D. I cannot progress at univ. island because the NPC is not there.


yeah same here… Bishop Roma just wont show…airship quest says its complete

Okay I’ve just put out a patch which should just make Bishop Roma always appear there for everyone no matter what. So give it another try. If you’re still not able to proceed let us know.

This should also be fixed for you.

Hi Riley. Our Cloaks have dissapeared now! We cannot continue the quest without it.

Cloak of the enforcer.

Thanks :).

Whose cloaks? Yours and someone else’s? And you’re saying you had it before?

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sorry riley. false alarm. seems fine!

looks like i have a problem like that too…iam lvl 4 and no quests to do the airship guy has noting for me.

I commented on another thread - same issue - I have the ticcket from last beta however bart has no cape for me and nothing to say… I am standing with the bishop in University Isles hoping it can be corrected

whats your in game name

gray is my ingame name

okay log put and let me know

you can log back in should be fixed

only quests i can do, are sicilus and noahs. still no airship man or bart quest

were you logged out last time we fixed it, if not it wont register, logg off and let me know when you offline.