[Quest - Bugged] - To be a bandit

Neither me DeadPony nor SourEK can complete the mission where we are supposed to kill a donkey shipment…
We kill it and nothing drops.

Everyone was in a party together

Guards get invincible after the donkey is dead

No drop

Reaaaally long respawn timer.

Submitted a log

We are looking into it, there must be a bug there with that Spawner since the guards go invincible and also the long respawn timer (should only be around 1 minute). Thanks for the Log

Tried it again today, no invincible guards but still no drop (killed it two times)
Kindof stuck here…
And my friend got the drop but didnt have the quest.

It took me 6 separate kills until the crate dropped. We had to have a friend clear the path while I did 100% of the damage to the cart.

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