Quest controllers registering as touch controllers? (Please, Help!)

Oddly enough, It seems to only be Orbus thats doing this. Otherwise I would have gone to steam with help for this.

Regardless, Im using virtual desktop and its given me no issues. Except for this. All im wondering is if there is a fix for this?


Hi, we’re not sure if there’s a workaround for this, and haven’t tried virtual desktop myself but if there’s somewhere you can put launch options, you could try putting “-vrmode oculus” to force it to use the Oculus SDK - it works on Steam, but again I don’t personally know how virtual desktop functions.

Thank you, Ill try this.

Unfortunately, This didn’t seem to fix the issue. Ill be looking for a fix still, But I appreciate the help!

This sounds kinda stupid, but if I remember right, if the controllers are not turned on when the game is launched on PC, it defaults to vive controllers. Are you making sure all the hardware is completely booted up before the game launches? Maybe that would help? :woman_shrugging:

Here’s the thing, I actually LAUCH the game from steam VR. And in the SteamVR menu they register as quest controllers! And that’s the part that baffles me. Because I think that are defaulting to vive for some reason. Because my hands feel taller and they are pointed almost nearly straight up.

Still haven’t found a fix. But I’m still trying.