Quest dragon from old orbus


Ok so I have been playng this game for a long time and so of course I had to the discontinued dragon that you got from following a quest line from Siculus, now, I had a strong bond with my pet, now to my extreme disappointment, my unique, amazing, awesome, “Pet Dragon” is now a brown blob.
Is there any way you guys can give it its unique skin it had before I will include pictures to a before and after
image (this is my baby dragon sitting on the raid floor
image (here is my poop dragon)
plz help me


here is another picture of what it should look like


Yes we’ll get that fixed.

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Similarly, the backer dragon was more detailed in old orbus, now it’s just a normal dragon with a slight different color.

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I’m glad to hear they’ll be fixed. I miss the way my little Pilot used to look.


can ya’ll fix my dragon now.
im getting sad


dont forget about my dragon yet


This will be fixed in the June 11th patch, thanks for being patient. Here’s a picture of the dragon.



Awesome will this still be a unique style?


yes it will just replace that item for that dragon.


Ok looks good


Yaaaaay! You guys are awesome!