Quest items are glitched in inventory

Have a few quest items in my bag I no longer need or have duplicates of , was wondering if you can get rid of them

Which items are they and are you not able to delete them yourself?

No I can’t, One is one of the cubes you find, another is a book I believe it’s called black book

I’m fine with keeping the book but I have two puzzle cubes as well

if you already turned in the divulian puzzle quest to markos you dont need the puzzle peices , if you can post the blocks you have that wont delete we can get that taken care of.

I will lost the items when I see there true names, thanks! And yea I’ve already completed those quests it was needed for

I have the torn clothes with blood on them I can;t get rid of. I completed the quest a long time ago.

The black guide and the lamavora puzzle cube are the two items I cannot delete

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