Quest question - (not) killing innocent person


I don’t want to spoil who the person is or for what quest it is, but if you know what I am talking about - is possible to progress in game without killing an innocent person?
I have moral objections to do so.
I tried to talk with that NPC, but he-or-she does not react on waving (to persuade him/her to leave the country pretending that was killed).

I know that is a bit silly question :slight_smile:
But thanks anyway


I tried this too. Didn’t find a way. There are two things you can do, assume that the it is a lie that she is not an innocent person, or be consoled with the spoiler that she doesn’t die permanently.

What I mean by the second is that although one killed her for the quest, she will still be seen walking afterwards in a few days or something.


That person is clearly up to no good! Same with the others! Kill them justly fair knight!

(No you need to kill them. No they are not nice people, I saw her kill a level 2 that accidently hit her with a musket bolt)


I would recommend “accidently” hitting her with some friends around and casually walking away, ignoring any sounds of your friends having a civil conversation with her.


We actually don’t know if they are innocent or not. We are never told only that they need to be eliminated. The idea is not so much “are you willing to kill innocents” as much as it is “are you willing to act without question.” For all we know the person in question works for the order as a spy, or maybe they’re a murderer, we simply don’t know.


On a separate note (sorry for derail): There should be a Halloween quest to kill a newbie in Highsteppe by backstabbing them dressed as a ghost.


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