Quest Request plz


Is it possible to make it so that if I am in a party with a quest user then the quest user should always be able to see fellow party members and not a blue orb? Also would be nice to still see name tags or health bars above the blue orbs if possible. Thanks and good job Devs.


Yeah they’re going to need some sort of control because it’s just random and frustrating as is. There’s lots to figure out between your party, the 40 people standing around you, the red players shooting at you (or that your scoundrel ult is misfiring at :rofl:), that 1 dude that somebody is telling you is asking you for help, etc etc. I get sort of a Hellen Keller vibe on the quest

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Yeah we are working on a better algorithm for that to take into account party member status and also better use of distance. Coming soon ™.