Quest secret tithing

I talk to bishop roma, he is in the outside of the house there are no guard and the mission wont end, i try to open the door of the house but is lock.

I think this is the dram quest, if it isn’t you can ignore this.

There should be a guard standing next to the porch of the house that Bishop Roma is in front of. He is right by the stairs and that is who you have to wave to in order to turn in this quest. Are you saying the guard is not there or that he doesn’t have a quest identifier above his head?

No, there is only 1 men and the name of he is bishop roma there is not a guard next to him.
I talk to the men name bishop roma, they gave me the quest but i cant complete the quest talking to him again.

I’ll look into it and get back to you.

Now i dont have the quest its done? this quest gave me something?

Ah, it would appear that the guard you needed to talk to and Bishop Roma are stacked on top of each other. At one point while waving at them you must have talked to the other NPC. Thanks for reporting!

It looks like the Guard spawned on top of Bishop Roma. I will reset the server and hopefully that will fix it.

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