Questing List/Feedback

Now is the time for some questing to begin again!

Edit: If you half completed the “Airship” quest last Beta it may be broken for you due to the inventory changes, let me know your In game username if this happens to you

Some of the NPCs in Highsteppe and Guild city are name “Sir Petyr” now the one for the Quest is located in The Twins village to the East of Narrow Orchard, sorry for the confusion

Here is a list of all the Main Story Quests in game right now:

1.Guardian Bart- Sword Training,Monster Slayer,Ranger Training,Musketeer Training,Gathering Training, Final Challenge
2.A Demanding Chef
3. A Demanding Chef (2)
4. Forest Secrets
5. Secret Tithing
6. Festival Celebration
7. Airship to University Isle
8. Job Seeker
9. A Pilgrim’s Journey-Will not auto complete now
10. Pagan Magicks
11. Report for Duty
12. Woodland Rebels
13. An Unruly Outlier
14. King Sweeties
15. The Ambitious General
16. The Green Mile
17. The Last Meal–>Chef Letharow–>Marcell Cenn–>Lord Rudolf Wenderwood
18. The Archives
19. Follow The Signs
20.The Trials–> Trial 1–> Trial 2–> Trial 3
21. Ceremony
22. Kid Brother
23. Seeking Petyr

There are multiple other Quests you may receive as part of these new quests (“Prisoners”, “Mother Vibira”, “The Night Before”, etc.) I just rolled them into their main plot Quests, so it may not seem like very many new #'s but there are multiple steps to most new quests.

We opened up some more quests for everyone to progress through. As always let me know if you are having any trouble (quest chain breaking, can’t complete, can’t find something). If you keep all Quest related Feedback here it helps me track them down.

If you made it to the Ambitious General quest last game then you will continue on from there with “The Green Mile” quest chain and end at “Seeking Petyr”, but will get to make some new friends along the way. There is one new quest “Escort Pilgrim” quest that you would have skipped that has been added in, but can join a lower level player in completing the quest (if not on quest then wont receive any reward) to see what its all about if you wish.

If you are just starting out in the Quest chain I suggest completing the Tutorial Quest with Guardian Bart to begin with then searching out Chef Letharow in his house in Highstepe, he will set you upon the Questing path.


Curious if any Lvl 4-5 are having trouble walking down path to Guild city ( too many monsters aggroing you?)

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Oh forgot to mention earlier. The Sici science person gives that “4 firebugs” quest. Completed it but couldn’t turn it in. Completed the story stuff, they disappeared. Couldn’t’ find them in the zoological gardens where they said they’d be. So I have this uncompleted quest in my journal. It was just a side quest so i forgot about it.

Okay noted, i think that she doesnt actually appear there yet (from a game development standpoint not story standpoint). So that one cant be turned in unless you turn it in before doing the “trials” questline. Once i get her spawner in you will be able to turn it in when she appears.

The thing is I completed the quest before receiving the trials questline. She just wouldn’t accept it.

ohh gotcha. ill take a look at it thanks.

“The Archive” too hard with Musketeer. The abilities get reset and you get attacked almost as soon as you enter, before any heal is up. You can’t heal yourself by shooting to the ground. The quest seems to be a solo instance. On death you respawn on the same spot just to get attacked again. This quest is a failure.

Same thing happened to me, I got killed 5 times in the matter of a minute. My armor broke and I had a hefty repair bill. I didn’t finish the quest as I went to try to gain some more levels. I’m almost broke. At this rate, I’m going to have to start turning tricks in guild city to get some more dram…lol

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What level were you when entering into the Library? How many of the Guards attack you a soon as you entered the room? also i made a note that the orbs werent exploding on the floor.

What level were you Johann when entering the Library? also how many guards attacked you when you first entered?

I was lvl 9 and sometimes 1 and sometimes there was 3.

ok ya they shouldnt be attacking you instantly at that lvl, ill adjust the spawners today, thanks for letting me know.

Kid brother quest. Both options “Roma gave me permission” and “agreement” are overlapping a bit. Also the door handle is hard to find to open the ail door. I had to caress the door lovingly for it to open

Who enjoyed it more, Logan? You or the door?

I think i got the diaolgue fixed but there is still the problem that its hard to get close enough to the door to open without room scale, its on my list for next test.

I was level 12 (armor mostly +24 items, +71 weapon).
One guard attacked me after entering.

Oh Gods, please give this man some drams!

HI I have the bugged airship quest and also the demanding chef 2 I believe, in game name is cynic if you can assist thank you!

So it seems most of the Bugs in the questing are worked out other than the quests started from previous Beta tests. If you are having trouble with the Quests or cant figure out how/ where to complete it let me know. Also if you feel like you are the right level but cant complete the quest let me know, the feedback is always welcome and read.