Question about farming and gathering

I’ve found that i’m able to raise quite a bit of money doing something pretty simple. it’s not exactly game breaking i guess but if a dev can PM me i can explain what i’m doing and ask if it’s ok to do that and if the way it works is intended.

I think I have discovered this and its definitely game breaking in my opinion. At least how the economy is set up now with quest rewards, it seems like this is an abuse of the farming/gathering.

Please don’t wait for the devs to PM you, PM them directly instead. If something like this is ignored within the first weeks of a new MMO the economy will be f**ked up pretty quickly and that would be a real shame


Youre absolutely right. I just PMed Riley and hopefully this is stopped before it gets out and destroys the economy.

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FYI we have already contacted Michael and are aware of the issue. We are taking the appropriate steps to resolve it. Thanks!


That’s very good to hear. Thanks

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