Question about player activity

Hey all, just ordered an oculus quest and after doing a bunch of research this game is probably the one thats getting me most excited! I am curious though at how active the community is and how many people are actively playing? Its hard to find much content on youtube, especially in the past 8 months. Also, how active are the devs on updating the game? Anyways, hope to see you all in a few weeks and thanks!

Hi, welcome! We’ve had a pretty large player surge lately, so our daily peak of concurrent players is around 150 (138 at the time of this post on, so it depends where your time zone is. It’s more quiet around EU times.

You can check out our blog for all the updates and previews of content patches:

Right now we’re working on the Mini Story Pack #1 but we’ve put out a lot of content in the last two years that the game’s been out, and we’re still going at it.

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Thanks for the reply and that sounds great, I can’t wait! I’ll be giving new meaning to the term “social distancing” once I can log in! My wife is not excited haha.

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