Question about Resource Spawn Timers - Individual or not?


A question which bugged me since a long time and might be dumb… are resource spawn timers individual or connected with other resources?
Likely it is like this: 1) Linstanium has a respawn time of 8 mins (example, dunno if it’s that time), so every time I am harvesting one linstanium the timer starts and 8 minutes later this single Linstanium will randomly spawn elsewhere in the area.

But it could also be 2) connected, so every time I harvest anything there is a percental chance a shroom or other common or rare resource for the area will respawn, so if I take a shroom that will not necessarily trigger the spawn of a new shroom after x minutes.

The reason I am asking is that I sometimes got the impression it is good to clear an area completely, like removing not only Linstanium, but also the blue shrooms around it. Or removing all the common Cryeijl to trigger respawn of not only that, but also trigger respawn of rare blue flowers in Lamavora.
Sometimes I farm around a spot until respawn, which looks different like I harvested 4 linstanium and 3 shrooms yet coming back there’s 2 linstanium and 5 shrooms - and it’s unlikely someone else harvested in between.

And I’d like to have definite info about that because, if respawn timers are individual, meaning once a resource is removed that exact same resource will spawn again after x minutes of time, then removing the common resources around it will help nothing to boost respawn of rares, right.


Different resources can share the same spawn point. Depends on the location. 7 spawn points is common for the peninsula in the rainforest split between two resorses.


Awesome so my impression wasn’t all nuts… and I keep harvesting everything I guess :wink:


Yeah, it varies.

Some specific resources will always spawn as the exact same resource every time, in a given area (though the size of that area varies from place to place but is static per place). Examples: Queen’s ear around Cenn’s Farm in the newbie yard, or the King Sweetie’s around Narrow Orchard. They will never ever spawn anything else than what you harvested, respectively, and they will never respawn too far away from where you harvested.

Others resources can spawn as either A or B, such the Linstanium and Blue Moon Spores you mentioned. When people only harvest the ore, eventually you end up with a spider island full of Blue Moon Spores and I get an aneurysm when I show up.

There is also a lot of variance in terms of the respawn rates, and the area wherein different nodes can spawn. Some areas can have respawn in a few minutes, and some can take upwards of an hour. I’ve also noticed that you can harvest everything in a spot almost at the same time, but they will respawn in a somewhat staggered way anyway, so there is likely some +/- variance to the timer.

So… yeah, it all varies.


Ah ok, but well that makes sense because there are no second or third resources which possibly can spawn, so necessarily all that respawns will be those.

oohhh well one more reason to quickly take all the blue moons I see, I could be a life saver! (they are like red towels to me as well so… kill em all …) :smiley:


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