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Ive been trying out the warrior class but a lot of the time my combos do not work leading me to die. I know for a fact im doing the combo for bleed correctly because when I hit the training dummy it procs but when I go against an enemy it only procs a few times and then I have to switch my sword to the other hand for it to be able to proc again. is there a stamina bar for procs that im not aware of or am I getting a glitch with the sword mechanics?


so when i first started the issue i had was upswings (and still somewhat is). different mobs have different hitboxes so what might work on a small spider might be different on a huge boss. you may need to swing higher or lower. (i also found being too close could mess with upswing detection)

there isn’t any cooldown or stamina bar to combos. also when you say switch hand for it to proc, if your switching between left and right hands the combos are reversed. so for example provoke is right, left, up for 1 hand and left, right, up for the other. hope this helps :slight_smile:


What’s probably happening is your hits are not registering the way to think they are, most likely the up swings are registering as left/right on the server. The game does show you what was registered, after you swing at an enemy you should see a yellow colored slash effect happen going either left, right or up. That slash effect is what the server registered your attack as.
Up swings are the hardest ones to get consistently, it’s sometimes more accurate to really over-exaggerate the movement. Aim your controller down and even a bit behind you, then swing way up. You’re really aiming to hit the bottom of the enemy’s hit box which can be pretty low for some monsters.

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