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I understand that you get a few tileset recipes through the story along with the runesight potions. my question is how do you find more tileset recipes? and when you do find them are they added to the book along with the rest? I’ve read somewhere that you have to travel and look for them, but I have no idea what i’m looking for, i’m assuming they’re going to be on the pillars like the spells and teleport runes is that wrong?

ps. sorry if this is a dumb question, people are just really really silent on this subject so there isn’t much about it online nor do people want to talk about it in-game.

  • Thanks in advance!

People are silent because it’s generally considered an end-game spoiler for people to discover. What I can say is that you should continue to focus on completing the main quest, with particular focus on the Explorer’s League, and the Shaman of Lucian Plains. Between the two of these groups, they will put you on the path.

(Of note, yes, they will show up as additional recipe pages in your journal)

Also, this dev blog may give you more info:

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Not OP, but can you remind me where those factions are supposed to be? The quest giver mentions each in decent detail, but the journal page is regrettably barren.

You need to do the main story in order, you should have a quest that will take you to them one by one (first one is the Brotherhood in the Rainforest)

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Thank you for your detailed response.

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Ya i got some page to make a runic potion or something, with strange objects to find

As a suggestion i would like to propose maby having more of a tutorial on the mechanic of artificing like the process itself. No more drinking the pot and they go like i dont see anything, its broken. Where u are suppost to craft it and so on… there should defenetly not be a walkthru on where the ingredients or recepies are but hints or riddles on where to start to make it interesting. Perhaps give the wise one a role like tinny have of explaning things? So many noobs want the full explanation and they think you are a real douche if you dont spill all the beans. This way they can discover it more from skill and less of a random way right? Any thoughts?


I agree. We should put a basic guide in the wiki.

You’ve probably figured it out by now, but in case someone else comes along…

My understanding is that tiles are crafted through alchemy using stone gathered throughout the land. The runes are built into tilesets through the artificing table in the basement of your home. You then apply that tileset to a piece of gear that you are wearing. (So, the artificer must be in possession of the gear and wearing it to apply the tileset.)

This is where my first-hand knowledge ends. From the blog, I’ve gathered the following…

The tileset is made up of three to five tiles. When you are in combat, you are (ideally) activating these tiles through your actions. When each tile is activated… something happens. That’s as far as I’ve gotten.

But I agree that this basic information should be available. Simple mechanics don’t spoil anything.

You are a good example for this Richard…
You found that information on your own or by communication with players.
This is what they wanted with Artificing.

But ye they could change the description on the potion to better say what it does.

In the blog post they were talking about powering your tile set with shards, is it still the case ? if so how do you do that ?

As of right now, a successful tileset “proc” results in a short duration buff (the icon looks like a tiny explosion symbol) that increases damage dealt while the buff is active. The longer the tileset sequence and the less interference (other symbols occurring during it) the longer it lasts, but we’re talking seconds either way. You can have multiple different sets proc in short order to have multiple buffs at the same time boosting damage. At this time, artificing cannot be used to buff anything other than damage output, though the devs have said that may change at the future to be more customizable.

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