Question(s)? I guess?

[Poor English alert]
Sooo… Hi! I just joined VR masterrace but… in a poor way, i mean using android phone and ps cameras and controllers.
And here is my question:
Will I be able to play OrbusVR on steam using PSMove Service and FreePie? I mean will the game itself be using SteamVR? Or just plain input from VR sets?
And I want to ask you: If i buy the game now, will i receive copy of it on steam? (Question just in case if i will be able to play OrbusVR using SteamVR software)
(Prior to guys saying “buy yourself HTC Vive and/or Ocul…” etc. - in short i do not have money XD)
Yes i know there was a topic about it but it was long ago.

In theory anything that is compatible with SteamVR/OpenVR is compatible with the game. I can’t guarantee it will work well and the PS Move controllers are short a few buttons that would be really nice to have, but if you want to take a chance and do the upgrade, if you test it out and it doesn’t work at all, just shoot me an email and I will be more than happy to give you a refund.

Yes if you buy it now you will receive a Steam key as we approach Early Access.

Hah, that’s freaking cool! Practically i use 2 PS Move controllers and 1 PS Navi Controller to emulate more buttons + touchpad. So the only thing left for me is to go and buy it :smiley: . I will report back with results on launch. inb4 have fun creating (first?) true vrmmorpg game!

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