Question. Why is it at level 6 I can’t complete level 6 mission

I’m running as a paladin and playing with a Ranger we’re both level six and trying to complete a level six mission and we keep dying. Are we missing something? Thanks for your help

Which Mission? We can much easier give guidance if we know which mission it is you’re struggling with.

Darius level 6 mission, killing the V strafishers by the chaos portal.

Let the archer shut the sorcerer, run away until all but the sorcerer lost aggro, then kill him.

I couldn’t kill them at level 6 either… heck, I had trouble killing them myself on level 30 characters for awhile… so don’t feel bad.

A good way to get that one done is to do the Portal Event mission and ask people to team up to kill the Volur Stafrage with you afterwards… it is not uncommon for people to leave that quest in their log for a bit, so there will prolly even be others who need it and are happy for your help.


I believe that one is intended to be done by a group. That might be why you’re having so much trouble. Also, the levels that the quest appears seems to be more of a ‘suggestion’ than an absolute :woman_shrugging:

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That’s a tough one, try getting a party together complete with tank, dps and Healer. If that doesn’t work, try leveling up and getting better armor with other missions and public events.

If you see me in game just ask and I’ll blow those suckers up for you.

Back in my day we used our sticks to defend a big wagon against an even bigger deer . . . and we liked it! I grinded platinum star mobs who would 2 shot me if they gazed at me too closely. Newfangled reborn players and their expectations of being able to defeat equal level content!

P.S. You can pull them with range & leash the melee. Cure poison & dodge bolts on the ranged mobs. Can’t cure? Die! Or switch classes. Or bring a friend. Or try hp pots. Or as noted, ask people after portal events. I’ve killed those mobs for people a ton of times.


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In all seriousness a lot of the missions for Darius are likely not rated for solo / near solo and rather getting a group with healer, tank, and dps minimum. Like Delceri says best strat would be waiting after portal event and asking someone to help.

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