Raid boss 2 hardmode

Raid boss 2’s rage stacks on hardmode feel a bit over the top.

Beeing a rather long fight the chance of getting one by mistake is quite high, and it also has one of the most diverse ways to recive stacks.

  • missing a interrupt
  • damaging boss out of faze, splashdamage and aoe included
  • not killing the adds in time

The result of getting the stack is also the hardest, as it ups:

  • direct damage from boss
  • all damage from pulsing
  • damage from adds dying

Would recommend removing the stacks effect on the damage from adds dying, and lowering it on pulse damage, to lower the direct damage delt to dps to a more manageable level.

Would also recommend excluding all aoe damage effects as this seriously cripples a lot of classes, or giving the shining boss immunity to aoe effects


Its hardmode not expert, that doesn’t exist in reborn :frowning:

I doubt there will be any changes to it now considering that they are working on the new raid

Yea that is the only raid boss I miss tokens for; likely not completing my helmet collection, ever (not that it matters since temple/mine normal gold transmogs are also out of reach for collectors). Only few groups are able to down it, which are doing the rest of hm raid just fine. And those who were practicing it alot lost interest, many of our original raid group quit already… making it even harder to catch-up with ever-new people in and 1 person’s fault already giving him stacks.

Especially because the other raid comes out this could be changed, to give people an incentive to still do the old one, at all (if nothing else then for the cough fancy coughcough gold transmogs…)

Agreed, the mechanic of the stacks as it stand is my least favorite of all the bosses for sure. I swear sometimes we get an inexplicable stack. We’ll question everyone in the raid (people that have done it 100’s of times) and none can sus how the stack got there.

You can actually figure out who is to blame with the combat log file, but it will take a while to figure out depending on when the stack was created.

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I seriously tried this to figure it out if it was a bug, was… not easy.

there aren’t any bugs causing stacks to apply when they shouldn’t, we’ve done it many times without a single stack pretty reliably at one point too.
don’t worry about digging through the combat log, I’m making a little tool for our next raid so we can see who caused the stack(if we get any).