Raid overworld legendries

Please can you make a series of legendary transmogs for raids? We have them for shards and overworld but not for raids, or at least add some of the existing ones into raids? It would be much easier to get people to attend a raid if there is something they can get that they want, in turn making Orbus more active.



I’d love to see new stuff, but I think it would even be cool if they took the traditional overworld drops and reskinned them with HM foil.

Demon wings with GC gold foil, Demon wings with Cit HM foil.

This is a great idea, i’d love to see like citidale hard mode foiled cat ears etc

I like the idea of reskinning pre existing ones but for raid drops, the reason I like it so much is because it would be very easy for them to implement, thus leaving time for fixing bugs but still making raids more exciting for people that already have their gear from raids thus making it easier to make raid groups… Please do this?

+rep Big Brian Ideas!!

Yes this would make it so much more worth it to do multiple raid a week and not just one

I’d love to participate in Raids. I’ve only been once to a group that randomly invited me to go along. I got so happy for earning a raid token, and disappointed for not being able to use a single one alone rofl

I’ve also trained with groups in a crystal boss (Napur I think?), we were never able to finish him. I feel like I really need to train more for their mechanics, as much as other hard bosses in the game. The only mechanics I’ve trained a lot so far are the Dungeon bosses from entering queues.

(Why are you saying that all?) Just telling my point of view as an intermediate-level player, as some of us could have great potential of becoming nice aid to a party. We just need a chance to learn and improve


I was literally talking about this in game like a week ago lol

if i see you around and not busy ill try to help you do a raid

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