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Some have been named in the longer sprint-thread somewhere, probably:

  • Extreme Lags/Framedrop at around 30% health of bosses (seen at Boss 4/Twin one and Boss 3/Minion one). This bug we know already from the tank keeper. It seems to occur for several members or the whole group, only when bosses go down to 40 or 30% and then the lag stays until he is killed, then all gets back to normal.

  • Stuck in Combat, can not reawaken (despite whole party is dead). I guess the root of this issue is not easy to track, but is there a possibility to at least remove the logout timer in dungeons? Several times the whole party was dead and people needed to logout to get out of combat. Same with “you have to wait 10 mins to try this again”. Why? These restrictions slow down dungeons and raids currently.

  • Musketeer orbs not registering when the ground is hit. Many Muskies heal by shooting the ground directly under or beneath the player/tank to apply shield or big heal etc. This does not seem to work reliably with the Raid instance floors. Two healers noticed that at the 4th boss (the twin one)

  • 4th boss. Surely known already, these bells look interesting but… they do nothing?


I had huge frame rate issues during boss 5 last night, I normally get these issues on boss 2 and 4 but didn’t last night, when I said about having frame rate issues multiple people said it was happening to them at that same point.

I have a GTX 1080 ti and i7-6700k so I can’t see it being a hardware issue, especially while playing on low settings


Yeah, The lagg on raid bosses when at low % is a real problem, Even people with beast machines fall victim to it!


I also have a frame lag on boss five at low percentage. Still around 20 fps I’m guessing so it’s manageable. I only have a 1060 though. Also we’ve confirmed the bells do stuff but the window to interact with them is very small. Oh and boss four will sometimes throw two aoes at once off the same twin. The first of these will come out with an autoattack and deal no damage. I’ve confirmed this isn’t just the second twins aoe it legitimately originated from the same twin twice back to back.


They definitely do something involving buffs on the bosses. It’s just tuned right now that the buffs aren’t impossible to work through. Of course for Hard mode that will no longer be the case.

Yeah I didn’t realize this was still going on. Any rhyme/reason to it? Or it happens randomly on every boss? (E.g. it’s not just Boss 5 or something?)

I have no idea what would be causing this…only thing I can think of is if it were a boss with the discontent pools that appear on the ground, but not all of those do?


It happens on the whole raid, trash included. Yesterday one of us died and we all hit graveyard because he couldn’t res, then we were all stuck until all of us relogged.


That was me! It didnt seem to have any thing distinct about it other than the mob didn’t reset. We had yours truly die to trash then the group cleared the rest. Then I couldn’t release. Maybe something with dying mobs not properly clearing their aggro tables? Who knows.


It would also be nice if the leashing limits/boundaries were cleaned up a bit more.

In Raid 3, there is an invisible wall on the ground floor, one set of floor tiles before the upper platform, and in between the ramps. If someone jumps there and the boss follows, the boss leashes and resets.

In Raid 4, there is something similar, not sure the exact dimensions, but a tank can pull a boss towards those fences on the side and it will leash if the tank is even relatively close to the fence.


Okay I put a small fix in with this morning’s patch that might help, so let me know if it’s still happening.


Like others said, stuck in combat happens throughout the raid, also when wiping on trash. Could be certain situations when this or that player died when this or that just happens so all are stuck and that’s hard to track down then.

A very vague idea… bosses normally “kill” dead players who went to graveyard and still got health. One time the boss reset before that and no one could reawaken as well. Possibly one of the players happened to have health (perhaps so little of it, that it’s not visible either) and the mobs reset. An easy fix would be a check if dead players got health or not and reset it to 0 on death, no matter if they used go to graveyard or died normally. A related guess, perhaps someone’s unbending procced a second too late, sometimes, but still accidentally added health, mobs reset before and that slither of health prevents the reawaken.

Could be something else too though, also - even if there’s only half of players in dungeons - this still should happen way more often during normal runs, if it’s related to leftover health or unbending issues.

Regarding the lags, the tank keeper does not do that. This is the only boss I noticed it happening before, every time. Perhaps there’s any other similarities between him and some raid bosses causing that, should be something that only occurs or changes on lower health.


My two cents on the lag issue. I noticed that when my framerate starts to tank, if I move a bit from where I stand, I can find a sanctuary from the lag. It resolves itself, but it gets bad again if I’m forced to go into the “lag-zone”. I can do some more experimenting to see if there is any other logic to it apart from that


Yesterday on the last boss I was getting the usual bad frame rate when the boss was under 50% or so. Then I got teleported to the lava area. When I came back the frame rate loss issue was completely gone.


(Definitely a bug) There’s something going on still with Lord Dethslatu where he can indefinitely aggro on your dead body. If everyone wipes but the aggro’d person, they are able to come back and fight him down without him moving an inch from the dead person he is still locked onto. I’ve both been the dead person and seen it happen to someone else (neither time did we exploit kill him, just to make that clear). Seems like it might be tied to dying indirectly from the boss (pools, AoE) during enrage mechanics.

(Probably a bug) Boss 3’s AoE sometimes (maybe always) does not do damage if he is on another level than the AoE is currently hitting. For example, if he is up a ramp and the DPS team stays on the lower floor they will not take any damage from a floor level AoE, despite being in the indicated red AoE zone, until he comes back down. The inverse is also true with him AoE’ing the upper level while on the lower level. It potentially reduces the bulk of the fight to walking around a pillar.

(Suspicious timing mechanic) When boss 3 teleports after doing his AoE, there is a window of time just after the AoE visual disappears where you can teleport and the boss does not react to it. He just teleports to where the person he targeted was at the conclusion of the AoE, approximately. If everyone just teleports after the AoE, he will jump and AoE on open space where someone was a second or two back, effectively negating a large chunk of his mechanics.


Finished a raid earlier today, Players are still having extreme lagg issues on the 4&5 bosses Regardless of the machine you’re running Orbus on it’s a lot more pronounced on the 5th boss at the later stage of the fight.


That happened again to you within the last 48 hours?


I believe it was Saturday and Monday when I encountered the infinite aggro bug. I haven’t been back into the raid this lockout period yet, was just consolidating bug reports to this thread. I’ll look out for any news of it happening again.


Just wanted to report some things tha ti thought of from this week.

Boss 3s mini AOE seems to extend beyond the visual markings of the circle. This has made for many occasions where raid members thought they didn’t have to move and ended up dying because they were too close.

Boss 5s poison pools effectiveness extends outside of the visual circle. This should be reduced. Again, we have had multiple raid members that have fallen due to them not being on a pool, but still getting killed.


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