Rain forest Healer too strong?

I think an orb that either temporarily boosts a musketeer’s DPS or a single high-Damage shot would help muskateer’s a lot when questing solo.
[Edit: disregard this, the muskateer’s DPS is probably fine]

I’m currently level 9 with a 199 attack gun from the desert. I need to kill 12 of the healer mobs in the rain forest for a quest. They appear as “weak” to me (they have a small yellow diamond) but I couldn’t even get one of them down to 30% health.

I was using the DPS turret with weakness, poison, instant heal and black hole for the stun, but I couldn’t do anything to kill it.

[Edit: Kiting the mob to prevent it from healing itself as been suggested as one possible tactic]

they have been like that for awhile, they are a healer mob but they go down quick with another player helping

That’s my point. There isn’t always another player around. I’m in Japan so the online population is relatively lower than say for those in the US.

I understand needing a group for dungeons or other difficult events where rewards are proportionately higher, but requiring a group for standard mobs in the open world where the rewards are not higher does not seem balanced to me.

Do other classes also need another player? If so then fair enough. The mobs are dungeon-level and will hopefully have loot to match. If other classes can solo those mobs then there is a class imbalance.

I’ve solo’d the golem healer mobs in highsteppe with a little difficulty so the problems isn’t with healer mobs in general.

As a rune mage, with the right combination of spells, i was barely able to kill them alone at level 8 or 9. they have to be killed before they start healing, if you keep them running (by not letting them close on you), you can get more time to attack.

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I’ve never taken down a healer mob without two or three other players or drastically outlevelling them.

I’m not entirely sure if it’s a Musketeer DPS issue. I think this is a mob issue, unless this is an intentional approach to healing mobs. In which case I’m jealous of the number of Cure Wounds Orbs they have.

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Seth- That’s a good tactic Seth, I might try that. At least you were able to kill them though.

Truck- you’re right. I could have chosen a better title. I was able to solo the HS golem healers by stunning them at around 40-45% health which gave me enough time lower their health sufficiently to kill them before their healing spell cooldown wore off, but the healers in the Rain Forest seemed to start healing at around 80-90%.

I’ll try Seth’s advice and teleport away to keep them from healing.

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i could only kill them if the were 1 level lower than me and i kept kiting them so they never got to stop and heal. same level was a stalemate and higher level was a brickwall and i just had to disengage everytime.

Scott, what do you mean by “one level lower” than you? I only see symbols above their heads indicating general relative strength.

The healers I was referring to were considered “weak” for me in that they had a yellow rhombus over their head.

that is 1 level lower,

green 1 point star is 2 or more levels lower
yellow 2 pointed star is 1 level lower
pink 3 pointed star is equal level
red 4 pointed star is 1 level higher
silver 5 pointed star is 2 or more levels higher

it says as much in the journal

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Yes, that’s what I was assuming you meant. I don’t recall the journal quoting numbers”
per se, just general descriptions.

As I said in my original post, I would get the rain forest healers down to about 80% health before they’d start healing themselves. The problem was that my max DPS was lower than their HPS. If the healers were the same or higher level than me I could understand that, but they were lower level than me.

If one class can’t kill a lone weaker mob then there is something odd.

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i did manage to kill one or two by myself, as a warrior with the right sword charge and shield bash timing

you are kind of asking dev team to make musketeer be an all-round character - power attack + good healing.

mobs in yellow don’t mean it could be killed by player for sure, yellow mobs are still challenging. As a healer based - musketeer, couldn’t kill same or even lower 1 level healing mob is normal. Healing mob couldn’t kill musketeer either.

sometimes, got to kill specific mob till in green because builds were conflicted and couldn’t do the job effectively as other type of mobs. there is nothing wrong about healer can’t kill healer alone.

you should think this is a challenge or not the right time to kill the conflicted build mob. try when they are more lower than you. how about masketeer could tank and kill some red physical attack mobs… do dev team need to lower healing power because of that ?

every class has own strong and weak, I’m playing musketeer as well.

While I agree with Jian_S (I myself consider musketeer OP in solo), there could be solution similar to warrior, different gun with increased dps and decreased healing. But even then there would be even less challenge to solo and less need to group up in team based game.

As for these mobs, I’m pretty sure you could kill them with damage turret, poison orb, and frost for kiting. You don’t need heal if you kite them. As a mage I can burst them but one mistake and I need to escape, safe and easy way - I cast dot, slow them and kite, works like a charm.

Nah, I don’t want to break the musketeer class by making it a high DPS + healing class. I admitted that the title was poorly thought out in my earlier reply to Truck in which I agreed my perceived problem was less the muskateers DPS and more the mobs healing ability. I don’t think I can change the title now though.

You’re right about a solo musketeer being able to tank and kill red star melee mobs. I hadn’t noticed that until I started killing the spiders in the Rain forest. While I like that ability, it probably is a bit OP.

Other people have recommended kiting the mobs to prevent them from getting in range and attempting to heal themselves. I’ll probably try that the next tinI encounter them.

there is also another way, use gravity to stunt it while its about time healing itself. worked with attack turret and poison.

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I actually used the gravity orb (I thought the orb was called black hole) as mentioned in my original post, but the length of the stun wasn’t long enough to prevent the healer from healing itself back up to full.

i think they mean before it can heal

my only luck against those guys was to be a level above them (yellow 2 point star) engage them at range. hit them with weakness poison and frost and keep moving backwards with a turret placed mid range. they dont start healing until they close the gap and get into melee range so if you can burst them down with everything you’ve got as a musketeer you can complete that quest. after that avoid them for the nuisance they are.

conversely as any other class just look at them sternly and they explode into confetti

Correct, the stun isn’t an interrupt.
I was also one level above them at the time.

Other people have suggested kiting them which I admit I didn’t do at the time. As I’ve mentioned twice previously in the thread (and edited my original post to reflect that suggestion), I will try kiting them next time I go up against them.

Thank you for the suggestions.

[rant] ok so musketeer is the easiest class to play just point and squeeze a trigger i get that they need to balance our effectiveness to be lower to justify anybody bothering with the other 3 classes. but our class is the only class that can move between roles as well.

i think the dps on our core weapons is fine, i think our orbs are lacking considerably. poison is the only thing that actually boosts our dps. weakness has only added about 5hp of damage on either the lvl20 target dummy or the leechers. poison does about as much damage every tick as what the gun we fire does. not sure if orb damage is level or weapon dependant.

but if you load up with non healing gear you are basically running around with a bunch of marginally effective orbs. weakness barely increases damage output (5%ish). blackhole doesn’t damage it’s just a momentary crowd control any damage comes from a direct impact from the orb which renders the orb itself useless. frost doesn’t really seem to slow by much at all and unlike the mage we don’t have an ice lance combo. poison is basically all the practical solo power we have…and the turret [/rant]

i like the rune mage combo power of frost bolt then ice lance. i don’t want that exact combo but i want that level of thought for our class. for example an orb that increases the effectiveness of healing. some orbs not having splash damage so they can’t be used on yourself. make combinations of orbs deal synergy damage like frost-blackhole. or even create new effects by combining active effects. i want musketeer to be a more cerebral role where timing, choice of target and combination of orbs determines your effectivness.

So… you’re ranting in favor of my original unedited post?

If they make the orbs much stronger, they increase our dps which would make the muskateer OP. That has been discussed earlier and that, as stated earlier, is not my intent. That is also why I changed the title of the thread and edited my original post.

I chose the more versatile class because it can heal and because I know that due to geographic issues, I’ll be spending most of my time soloing.

I do agree that a thread on orb combinations (if there isn’t one already) would be interesting.