Random bugs I noticed on my journey

Just writing a few things I’ve noticed on the journey from level 1-10

When it rains around wenderwood (did I butcher that?) I saw bushes that were on fire. As well as the cave south of that place. It was on fire. Things that were actually on fire were showing green fire.

Bushes on the way to guild city flicker constantly.

It rains inside of the cave where you have to follow the signs. (Oddly enough it started out fine then eventually it showed through. )

A few quest NPCs did not have a mark on their head when they had a quest for me. Can’t remember who sorry :confused:

Spider legs should be in its hit radius. I “miss” them a lot when I shouldn’t have.

I get random spikes where the whole world is stuck loading something and it takes about a second to get back.

I can’t use stick locomotion when I open the door to leave my house.

The bridge near the pigs / lake spirit / first dungeon doesn’t always have the portal I can teleport through. I had to logout and it was fixed.

The journal flickers a lot. Especially when moving through the pages. Sometimes if it’s on the corner of my eye and I look at it, it flickers again.

This one probably isn’t a bug but it would be nice to see other people’s fishing lines as they are fishing.

I had no audio in the cutscene where they made me a knight. I have my rift to mirror audio to the desktop and I could hear it through my speakers but not the headset.

I’m running an iMac with bootcamp (i5 7600k and amd pro 580, 16gb ram)

Any of the bugs that were not already being tracked are now. Thanks for reporting.

As a quick note on this I believe what you’re seeing here is a mini loading screen as the game loads in a new zone that you are close to.

Possibly. But most times when it happens its 2-3 times and then performance goes back to normal. Ive had it happen and i wasnt even moving and just looking around.

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