Ranger and its super


can we get its charge up a bit (I think we have been punished enough by now and were sorry for abusing it with over the top rapidity.)


To add on to this, I filled up my bar with precision and talentless, precision took about 200 shots to full charge. Talentless it took about 220 shots for full charge.

There are a few problems with this:

  1. 200 shots at 1 shot per second is more time than a lot of boss fights take.
  2. If it is only a 10 percent difference between precision shots and rapidity shots for charging, then it means that rapidity charges significantly faster than precision.
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Sooooo you did not test rapidity yet?

Also I suspect that hitting special arrows like piercing or charging an arrow gives extra super bar too.


Shooting 200 times is kindof painful. It sucks to test this properly.


The range u are shooting at makes a massive difference, how far were u


20m. The usual boss distance


Isn’t the ranger super already super strong? On most t10 dungeons an archer can get their super before the first boss :sweat_smile: (they can also already crit for 375000 on a charge pierce WITHOUT even using the super)


Special arrows have a large impact on charge time as well. What was the problem with rapidity @Sparky?
I don’t think that number is correct @Sift… unless your talking a crit bleed?


its something from the old beta


I litterly don’t understand your reason to create this thread. Is there a problem with rapidity super or not?


Its charge rate is shit


Like I said before


i dont see an issue with it, if you cant get 200 shots before a boss dies, then your wasting your super anyway


with a +4 legendary bow with iceheart i have taken a charged peircing shot and hit a critical spot from 30 meters away and i did not do this much (full globes)
(and it crit too)
i could just be unlucky tho


He probably had + 25% with the bard then

So it is probably closer to 281,250 on a non super charge pierce crit (without bard)


if you are a rapidity ranger, 200 shots takes significantly less time than if you are a precision ranger… as a precision ranger, that takes a minimum of 200 bar charges (one second i think). On low level shards, the bosses are usually dead by the time you get a single ultimate charge.

We did a shard 4 sewer the other day, and we killed the first boss and the pack of mobs afterwards and i had just then gotten my charge… then of course everyone graveyards, so i literally didnt get to use my ult a single time in the entire sewer dungeon.


You’re saying you got the super and didn’t use it on the remaining trash packs before you went to graveyard? Just trying to understand.


Yeah, but it takes more than 200 shots to charge it as rapidity.


rapidity charges ults at a slower rate per arrow than precision. rapidity is worse in all scenarios


i got it just as the last trash pack died before graveyarding.