Ranger crit spots not disappearing

Rangers already have a bit of an uphill battle damage wise with the other DPS classes. The crit spot bug is a killer though. This is from tonight’s world boss event from my little brother.

Fellow Rangers of Orbus, what have you noticed causes this? World Bosses, dungeon bosses, number of people around, quest vs Vive, etc.

(Also please remember to send in bug reports each time it happens if possible)

I haven’t figured out what causes it but it happens a lot

from the same boss fight - DOUBLE MISHKA

This happens a lot on world bosses and occasionally in raids or dungeons. I can’t remember seeing it on trash mobs because they die before the bug can happen. The longer the fight goes on, the more likely it is for it bug. I’ve noticed it happen on Crypt boss 1 and Mines boss 1, since their damage reductions make the battle drag on.
I don’t know how often it happens for others, but I play on the quest and I’m starting to get used to this bug, trying to track which one doesn’t work so I can hit the others.
Real weak spots spawn underneath bugged ones, so every now and then a bugged spot will make it impossible to hit a real one. That’s all I know about them right now :slight_smile:

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And you thought one of me was bad enough

I’ve reported this so many times, no idea what causes it though, happens a lot in the raid for me

There is no cause. Just f’ed up desync shit I tell ya xD

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I find its more likely to appear if you leashed the boss before fighting it and I cant confirm if its always true but I had 2 bugged circles and both were on my charged shot that it bugged out.

I have a feeling normal hit circle generation bugs out too but Ive not payed enough attention to try work it out myself

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